Poll - Will Asobo/Ms gift us a hotfix before X-MAS (2021)?

Will we get an Hotfix after several issues where implemented with last SU7 update?
I imagine that lots of players will get Hardware and/or Software as christmas gift. Will Asobo/Microsoft pay attention to this and will gift us a Hotfix? What do you think guys?
The BETA test for the hotfix is still not closed :frowning:

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Nope, they won’t. It isn’t fixed yet. Issues still persist with live weather, and cloud coverage.

A hotfix for what? Everything functions normal (except minor bugs I find and submit tickets for to hope these are get fixed in a few months).

They said happy holidays,so forget it


What year’s X-mas?


I added the year to the headline… You are right^^

I hope for a fix before the holidays as well.
Especially for the VR issues with the toolbar, the rudder problems, etc etc.
But I guess we will not get something.
Very disappointing.


An American-centric view of the world, including Thanksgiving. Many of us around the world still work at full capacity through the holiday season. If an update was forthcoming, the excuse only applies to the culture in the US and nowhere else. It is naïve to assume we all follow the same behaviour globally of one country or another.

It is time for Microsoft to broaden their scope and implement a global development team capable of continuing work, within their own culture. Not directed by an ignorant view that we all come in-line with the same culture. Asobo Studio are French for goodness sake! :joy:

And ‘Happy Holidays.’ Lol. What is this rubbish. Merry Christmas to you.

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This was latest status as of 16-DEC.

As a reminder to all on this thread, we have many parts of the world represented here on the board,. Let’s all be mindful of that and not make assumptions. That includes aspects and addressing of the Holidays.