[Polls] 40th Anniversary Edition/Sim Update 11 Discussion

All - I experienced no issues seeing update once opened game. It asked to download the core install files, went fine. Then at check updates, it found those, downloaded them, went into main screen. Downloaded the Content stuff, closed game restarted PC, checked to see if it would open, moved around in game, did NOT select AC or fly. Closed game. Tried to copy back CF folder got some errors on that, so uninstalled PMDG 737, and now restarting and reinstalling that. Will try flight later on tonight and report back, but to me so far, this has been the most seamless update so far in series. Since Release.

All - I think it was me, but tried a short flight in PMDG 737 last night, and just could not get the errors cleared in the FMC FP. It was late, tired, so just must have forgotten something. Next time will use my checklist. Think altitude was wrong, but not sure. Going to recreate FP at simbrief, and then put that in correct folder and try it later on. This time downloading was almost flawless, just let it run, and went and did something else. Got home done. I get it others are having trouble, and I feel their pain.

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Great, the sim doesn’t even start anymore and fails with error code 0x80070002. No update, no nothing :rage:

Terrible Azure Servers:

Warning: Connection Lost: Online Servers are unreachable. Please Check your internet connection

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my only comment about the download/install is that some files were looping so I ‘paused’, shut down FS, restarted my PC and then restarted FS and from there things went fine.

Performance seems good and I think better than SU10. stability is good.

I was pleasantly surprised that Meigs included the rocks around the runway.

The white dot not disappearing is beyond frustrating. Prior to this update you could click up (or was it down?) on the dpad and it would disappear.

Breaks the immersion when I can’t look out the window without a blasted circle spoiling the view.


You devs broke road traffic in VR:

And please give us a toggle for this awful white dot.


for me this was the best flawless update yet.
I love that HDR10 is now working well. a lovely difference.
thus far no complaints.
Specially love some of the new planes. The DeHaviland Beaver was long overdue.
All good.
I only have one niggle really:
many planes have great cabin designs but we still have no easy way to ‘move back’ into the cabin the way we could in FSX. You could move back very simply and take a seat as a passenger if you wanted.
It puzzles me that this has not been included in MSFS unless I have missed something. Always possible.
I know that via the Showcase view I can manoeuvre the ‘drone’ into the plane but that isnt what I mean.
But thus far, this update, Peachy, as they say.

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It loads and loads, but at least it drags on. Only, whenever I read xxxAircraftxxx …why? I’ll delete it anyway. Couldn’t airplanes only be used as separate modules? Would significantly reduce download time.

Otherwise I’m looking forward to the innovations. Especially on the behavior of the helicopters.

Just did a nice hour or so flight in the PMDG 737 - flawless with nice performance. Didn’t check the FPS but felt smooth and stable, no stutters etc. Live weather looking good, FSLTL working well, all other add ons working well too - so really good job.

Off to try out some of the new planes to see how they are.

Thanks to MS and Asobo - great job, awesome update.


Just started my very first flight with SU 11.

My observations tell me that the performance on my pc has plummeted.
Lots of pauses and stuttering.
I tried both on and offline functionality but that didn’t solve the issue.

I really do hope this will get better tomorrow.

PMDG 737-700



They should avoid doing massive updates in the future like this, regardless of 40 years or not. It’s clear they don’t have the servers to cope. Sad, but that’s the way it is unless they’re prepared to do something (over two years now)… 6 hours and still unable to download. Hearing all kinds of issues with planes and performance too. Sigh.

Lucky guy, I’m getting stutters whenever I move my camera and freezes every few seconds…

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Just done a short flight from EICK/EGKK in the PMDG 737 and im quite impressed with performance. This could change tomorrow so I won’t hold my breath!

Remember anyone having massive FPS drops try deleting roling cache.

Only issue I am having is poor ground textures at times using DX12 and connection error message which I seem to of resolved by turning off online functions and switching it back on again.

I have the same spec - no issues my side (although I don’t fly the 737-700).

Flew the LS8, the helicopter around NY and the 747 FS2004 landing challenge (in VR and in pancake mode).

Really enjoying this update!

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If you delete roling cache in game does it delete those files too?

If not, where did you locate that folder.

Steam version.

Are you on dx 12 with FSR 2.0?

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Same here. Hopefully it will get better tomorrow when servers are less stressed.

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DX12 with FSR 2.0, fps are less than half I had yesterday (same condition)

No FSR here, but on DX12, regardless of DLSS or TAA, I’m at half the fps I was yesterday, and these nothing I can do to settings that will improve it.

I believe CodeLoran69 posted above where to find those files. Otherwise check in-game where you had your cache located. Only guessing here, because that’s a question I had not actually considered before today.

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