[Polls] 40th Anniversary Edition/Sim Update 11 Discussion

Massive FPS degration! Stutters are now back.

  • Minus 10 FPS from SU09 to SU10
  • Minus 10 FPS from SU10 to SU11 and Stutters are back

Same Settings, same flight, same time, same conditions


Try again when servers settle I’d say…

Also, when on win11, notice above posted information.

You’re not missing or not doing anything.
Just enjoy your flying.

I enjoy my 27 to 30 FPS with smooth flight and great graphics
at 4K Ultra & DX12 (SU11).


Same here… all good with update.
Finally making it easy and seamless for all… Well, hopefully all.

Yes really loud if an aircraft passes you over, under, left or right?

That’s a known issue especially with the A310 which already was reported several times over here. See this bug report:

Haven’t had a network connection to the server for over 15 hours. Not worth playing if I can’t get any data for scenery.

Scenery data seems fine, it’s basically multiplayer affected from what I see. At least I’m able to do flights just fine within MP.

Isn’t it so wierd how some people have a lot of issues, whereas others have very few or none. :face_with_thermometer:

My experience of SU11 is extremely postive. No fps issues, smooth flying and no connection issues. I did get that Jenny engines sounds masking my own aircraft earlier, which lasted just a minute or two. It was an awful sound. It sounded as if my cat was getting ready for a fight.

Not really - different configurations all over the place, different arrays of mods installed, different place on earth connect to different servers with different loads and different expectations :wink:

Not to forget about different settings - there are people out there with 8th gen Intel CPUs who want to run everything on Ultra+ just because the initial release without anything else installed somehow managed to was able to do this. Which simply does not work if you installed all WUs and additional content.


Yes, you make a fair point.

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Anybody knows why the copilot character shows in the cockpit view when flying the Beaver? Is that a bug or what’s up with it?

You can switch the visible copilot on/off using the tablet :wink: guess it’s a feature.

Not a bug, it’s a feature.
I whish I could see my CoPilot in every plane!

What the… Cool then. That’s one random feature though!

Would be nice if it got toggled automatically when using ai assistant for COMMs, you know… :wink:

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Happy anniversary to all.
Big thank you to Microsoft and Asobo MSFS teams, this is the best update ever.
Fantastic implementation of Helies and soaring planes, you are the best….:grinning::+1:

And all those incredible new planes, wow thanks.


Since the release of SU 11, I have been receiving continuous error messages, I cannot use the simulator. Pop-up messages keep coming.

Are they working on a fix?


Ironically, this was the first one I’ve had trouble with in 2 years. Ah well

These are the errors I still get, along with the FREELOOK issue that’s been a bug for a year and a half.

The connection issue seems to occur at busy locations (LAX, JFK, etc), especially with this latest update. I wouldn’t mind it too much if it was just a regular notification INSTEAD of having to pause the sim to press an ‘OK’ button.

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