[Polls] 40th Anniversary Edition/Sim Update 11 Discussion

They usually don’t open the poll items until after a while – to give people a chance to play it before voting.

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The payware is much nicer, I just did a comparison.

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Hello @MSFSRonS,

This is on purpose. Most people are still downloading the update, and we don’t want people voting until they’ve had a chance to try it for a few hours. You can currently vote on the download/installation polls. We will open the other polls later today.



Installed without a hitch. No community folder (Removed before starting). CTDs and lockups in the menu galore… SU10 was ROCK SOLID…

Hoping this is a server issue…

It’s too early.

The Polls at the beginning of this Topic was allowing voting and showing the
vote counts.

That was the reason for my reply.

Try reading before complaining. The requirements are in multiple locations.

What is the file size of the update?

Size to download:
If you update the sim from the previous version:

For Premium Deluxe users, the update is roughly 22 GiB. You will need 40 GiB of free space.

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CTD for me As soon as I start the game… I don’t understand why ?

oh no, I only have 2 x 500gb ssds, I’ve deleted nearly everything still can’t get an extra 40gb. What a bummer

You need additional 40Gb of free space.:wink:
Downloading 22Gb right now, have to check afterwards in the content manager for additional downloads

I see the fuel selectors are broken again. At least on the Goose (which wasn’t worth trying for more than a few minutes anyway) and the Beaver. I don’t get why so many planes have worse engine sounds than they had in FSX, that’s pretty shocking.


Trying to explain to the missus over text how to update was difficult! I hope she hasn’t deleted everything

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Anyone else having problems with downloading update? Mine is stuck on some .001 package, showing speed less than 0.1Mbits/s…

My Xbox and MSStore don’t open
With no surprise

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I’ve had this message for 1 hour now.
I restarted…is this normal?
I am in France

Capture d’écran 2022-11-11 181350

What about translate if you want some help from other than English language???

Looks like the FPS loss on popouts is finally fixed!

Sitting in CRJ at YYZ.

DX12 / TAA / 200 LOD / Ultra / 4K

Before pop outs 50FPS, after 49FPS.

Isn’t there any tutorial for the helicopters?

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Having an issue getting the update new small start screen comes up, says looking for updates in lower right corner then initializing sim and then the window closes and nothing more happens. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this ? I have installed all windows updates and have removed my community folder, and rebooted several times with no change. Checked in windows store and it is not listing any new updates, and in the xbox app the same. Windows 11, DX 12 nvidia 3080ti

Hello @BarerHarmony980,

We have tutorials for gliders but not for helicopters. If you want to learn more about how to beat the air into submission (:stuck_out_tongue:) I suggest checking out helisimmer.com for some excellent content. :slight_smile: