[Polls] Aircraft & Avionics Update 1 Discussion

I think the majority of the issues we have are server related, thus the reason for the sim behaving differently at different times. Wi-Fi speed is a huge factor as well, and as we know that can fluctuate.

I’m on the East Coast of North America and I’ve noted time and again that the majority of my issues occur during “prime time” which would be from 7 to 11pm weekdays when most people are simming. Simming during work hours on weekdays have been less problematic. Weekends are hit or miss and performance is all over the place. I’m never up at 4am to test my theory in the wee hours.


I‘ve not trying the AAU1 yet, because holidays, but many friends report me, that the textures looks very good. I‘m on Western Europe server, and I‘m sure, that I will have no issues with the AAU1 Update.
If I’m right, doyou play on US-servers?

The forums feel kinda chaotic to me, with lots of people complaining. I’m surprised by this. I followed the update instructions and deleted all the incompatible mods, and I had ALL of them…the WT 3000, WT 3000 RD, WT CJ4, PMS 530, JD TBM Improvement mod, Longitude FDE mod, New Lights mod…etc. Removed all thise and haven’t experienced any issues. (Except the minor TBM 930 texture bug, but that doesn’t affect the 3rd party livery I use) The stutters are gone, my fps holds a steady 50 now, and the CJ4 is to a point where I can follow real world scenarios on my beloved Pro Line 21! (The CJ4 does feel twitchy to me now, as I saw mentioned above.)

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Not needed if you install the WT’s GNS

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Bug: the cargo door opens with the pilot door command

It’s described in this thread over here, as well as reports by other users on what to expect:

It’s basically about using a more recent DLSS version than included within MSFS - in any case make a backup.

It’s basically precompiled instructions to be used by DirectX to communicate with your GPU. As GPU drivers change by time you can clean these files so they get generated freshly for your current configuration. In general you should clean temporary created files on Windows from time to time.

On Windows 10 and 11 it’s found in your settings/storage settings, you will see some bars like “installed apps”, “other”, “documents” and “temporary data” ← click on the temporary data bar and it will show you a list of things which can be removed, one of these is “DirectX-Shadercache”. Deselect whatever you want to keep (like downloads and trash bin files) and klick on “remove files”. It will likely also provide some more space on your C:\ drive :wink:

Depending on the store you bought MSFS in either AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator for Steam or in AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache for MS Store you will see different cache locations, marked in green:


Inside these folders are files which can be removed.

  • $PC$ - might not exist in your case or is empty. However it may contain files if you use AIG for traffic as converted legacy materials shaders will be sitting here. You can delete folders in here, these will be created again if needed
  • cache - is a general cache location. Inside this folder is another folder called just “0”. Inside this folder are .psocache files which you can safely delete.
  • DCE - another cache location which has another folder inside. Inside this folder you will find files with random names which also can be deleted safely
  • SceneryCache - as the name says it’s temporary generated files for scenery objects and meshes. You can delete all files in here.
  • SceneryIndexes - lists all installed scenery item on load so loading in future is faster. However it’s save to remove these files as the sim will also create these ones on the next load without a significant delay :wink:

Besides these caches there is another cache folder location which on Steam installation is located at AppData\local\FlightSimulator called mapscache. This seems to be used to temporarily cache the tiles loaded from Bing whenever you fly across the globe. If you open this folder you will find another folder “misc” and some index.idx. You can delete the whole folder plus this file. Both will be recreated on loading.

It might help you to get some performance back, feel free to report if that helped :slight_smile:


Can anyone tell me what causes the problem that the Longitude does not follow the flightplan, every waypoint is ignored. After missing 3 waypoints it switched to “direct to” airport.

Thank you very much for the detailed description and help. Very precise work!

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The Aircraft Manuals page has been updated to include links to the Citation Longitude and CJ4 manuals:


Thank you Jayne! :slight_smile:

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Xbox X

just a very good update for me at this time, lipz to lfll, just a perfect flight, very good visual quality, no stutters, both airports addons, LVFR Static Aircraft, A318 LVFR, live weather, no live traffic , no ATC, west Europe server 15 ms , rolling cache at 40 gb

very good job done

i do not say that now this game is bug free, no it isn’t but a big improvement has been done


after this update the game remains unplayable, i wonder at what point in future i can say that this game is stable and playable, its been a while on for xbox users and the devs are still not able to solve (major) problems with the sim, never experienced something bad like this with another game/dev before

i cant hear myself when talking to ATC
aircraft displays turn black

guess i will have to wait again for the next (sim) update …

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There are two links to the same manual. Should one of them be for the CJ4?

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Please refresh or try incognito mode, that was an old version:

Our website can struggle with caching issues unforunately.


I have a Razer keyboard, so use their Synapse software for RGB control. I was having stutters and found that killing all Synapse programs would smooth things out. While trying to solve another issue, I ended up doing a clean reinstall of both the sim and my graphics drivers, and I noticed the stutters are gone even with Synapse still running. This was with the original SU11 update, and it’s still smooth for the most part with AAU1.

Though I did see the pirouetting AI aircraft make a return with AAU1. SU11 had fixed that issue.

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For those trying to troubleshoot odd bugs that seem hard to repeat, or are not experienced by everyone, I’ve found one possible source:

I always start my flights from a parking spot, “cold and dark” … HOWEVER … when clicking the “Fly” button, SOMETIMES, in that first instant you can hear the plane is actually fully on (as if ready to fly from the runway) and immediately shuts down - you can hear and feel it happen.

In the Longitude I have verified that this initial ON-then-immediate-shutdown leads to some settings being locked in the wrong position, and the flight is buggy. But IF you click Fly and the flight actually starts cold and dark (with no initial On-then-shutdown), everything works correctly. In the Longitude you can tell right away by just turning on 1 battery, and watching if the bus tie closes, all is well - but if the bus tie doesn’t close, you have to re-start your flight and load in again.

I suspect this inconsistent load in is the root cause of lots of weird bugs that are hard to pin down in other planes as well. Worth paying attention and keeping track of the load in vs bugs.


The Manual for the CJ4 posted is an old version. You should know…!.
There are updated manuals at the WT Discord channel (CJ4 and Longitude, the TBM has only the garmin G3000 manuals)

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You did not reinstalled Windows?

Couldn’t find the floppy disks!


The link Jayne posted above is for the latest version of the CJ4 operators guide. The link in the “#guides” channel on the WT Discord is still old and for the previous WT mod.

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