[Polls] Aircraft & Avionics Update 1 Discussion

I need your help badly. Since the AAU1 update I have two annoying isssues:

  1. I cannot spawn the citation longitude cold and dark. It always start with everything running like when it is spawn on the runway.
  2. I cannot operate the overhead panel switches and lights. My cockpit interaction settings is LOCK.
    How do I fix these problems?

RTX 4090, Ryzen5800x3d, dx12 - no problems whatsoever.

If it is in your Community folder, move it somewhere else and test. I have the same list you have, and it’s all part of the core sim now.

I don’t have anything in the folder. But I remember that I once installed something from Working Title via the marketplace. I don’t remember what it was and wonder if I need to delete it now?

I’ve finally been able to tame the Longitude for the most part, and am feeling pretty comfortable with it now. However, there is something that is still confusing me that I have not been able to find the answer to, so I’m hoping that someone here can give me an answer.

I have my current Cruise Schedule set as indicated in the first image below. I set my intended cruise altitude at 25,000 feet with the autopilot and autothrottle engaged. Everything works fine. The altitude and speed hold correctly.

However, if I were to select the Cruise Schedule shown in the second image, and again set 25,000 feet as the altitude. With the autopilot and autothrottle engaged, the aircraft will hold that altitude for a very short time, and then will start climbing for the stars.

Any thoughts as to why this is happening, and what I might be missing?



Can you post screen shots of:

  1. your PFD in that moment
  2. your MCP (showing which autopilot buttons are on/off)
  3. current leg showing any restrictions on the GTC (the touch screen).

Also, are you climbing using FLCH or VS?
Have you properly changed to STD BARO at 18,000?

If your goal is to tame the rate of climb, use VS and a rate of about 3,000 or 3,500 would be normal, but the real plane likes to climb very fast, and it’s modelled pretty close to the real thing. The rate of climb will reduce the higher you go, as the air is thinner. It can climb about 9000 fpm at first, but when you get up to FL400 it struggles to do 1000.

I’ll put some screenshots together. My goal is not to tame the rate of climb, but to get it to hold at 25,000.

OK, take a look at what trim is doing - it might be running out of room to trim (a known bug, WT is working on it). I discoverd the plane couldn’t hold altitude in the 10,000 to 20,000 range when going at full cruise speed… The solution is to slow down (switch to manual speed instead of FMS speed, or, reduce the cruise speed setting further)

Thanks for that… I set out to get some sceenshots for you, and the sim made a liar out of me. I set the 320kt schedule, took off and climbed to 25,000. The speed increased to 320kts and the altitude held during the entire flight. So maybe it does have something to do with the triim setting, as what you indicated as a solution is exactly what I’ve been doing. Thanks for your help!

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It is important to remember that what will determine this flight envelope is setting the appropriate weight and fuel. What I imagine you are doing properly.
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Good point

I think you should be fine. Like I said, you have the same six entries that I have, and I haven’t had any conflicts yet.

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Yes it did help in previous versions… but not this one. Textures can look ugly and mangled up,and the runway LOD thing is really annoying too. It can be a bit random but the blurry runways are almost always around the same location such as Kennedy international or the one right behind statue of liberty after you fly over the docks.

You can try disabling it but clear it first and then have at least 16gb. The more the better. Although space you once set cannot be released in reserved space

I already loved the TBM 930, but with the avionics upgrade it’s just brilliant! Really amazed by the G3000, can’t believe it comes with a default plane!

Only issue I’ve encountered is that my Logitech Flight Switch Panel isn’t working out of the box, so will need to look into that.


Yep same thing happened to me, I had to buy spad next.

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I’m frustrated with the new Garmin G3000. Do I first need an IFR certification in order to use autopilot for an automatic approach? It’s not fair for a simulator game to have to study the 686-page G3000 manual beforehand. It will be a long time before I can fly the TBM 930 like I did before the avionics update. It’s no longer fun like that. :rage:


@UltraRR3660, @GimbalAxis… You may have nailed it with the weight and fuel thought. After setting the weight and fuel, I made a 2 hour flight, climbing to 25,000 and at a cruise of 320kts. I only had two issues during the flight where the plane started to climb off the assigned altitude for some odd reason. I switched off FMS, regained control while being chastised by ATC, switched back to FMS, recycled the autothrottle, and everything was fine after that. Thanks for your pointers. i’m not a real pilot… just the armchair version :smile:

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after some very long time without CTD i have now CTD inside menu (not in flight) and especially if I deselect Online services like Bing and Photogrammetry. After CTD and start of sim again all is ok but every time I disable/enable these options -. CTD without warning. I remember last year no problems with these options with test. Today again floating runway lights cca 3 feet up to ground and only at arrival airport LZIB, no problem at departure airport. Next strange thing (never happened before) during approach MMarker sound was very erratic like 2 sounds mix together with some delay between each of both. I don’t know, this weekend is full of strange things here…

Update right now :slight_smile: CTD after end of flight, click to Main menu → CTD.

Update2: logbook doesn’t save data (for first time observed) :slight_smile:

The source and generator switches no longer respond to the H: events that they did prior to AAU I. They’re now completely controlled via lvars which your Logi panels (and all external hardware) can’t access without 3rd party payware tools like Spad.next or AAO.

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