[Polls] Aircraft & Avionics Update 1 Discussion

So far, this update is running smoothly on my Xbox Series X. It did reset my assistance preferences to Easy, but that was easy to change back.


I think you are right, they grey ones can’t be deleted just the coloured thumbnail one which I’ve now removed. Very strange why they rolled that out less than a month ago. I wasn’t even on the beta.

The update hung at 70/77 for me hopping from 75% to 25% over and over. After pausing and resuming it multiple times it resumed to update.

I really hope this update didn’t break anything because IMHO it is (sorry to be so honest) totally useless, I only fly 3rd party airplanes like many others. Hope there will be more than one SU this year imoroving the sim for everyone, not just some simmers. Looking forward to SU12.

I think you are correct. The advice is here:

Which refers to the community mods, not the marketplace ones - good spot.

Oh ok, that’s interesting, so maybe we need both versions? Would be good to have confirmation from devs.

Regarding the Marketplace GNS and NXi packages:

These packages should remain installed if you would like to:

  • Use the GNS with aircraft not listed in the release notes (some sim and third party aircraft)
  • Use the NXi with aircraft that have not moved to the NXi yet (some third party aircraft)

These marketplace packages bridge the sim versions of those avionics to those aforementioned aircraft.


Still no chart function on the updates which is disappointing. (Xbox)


I think someone commented on it during the beta run. Like Gordongreig said, if it is not in community folder, then you need it.

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FYI for anyone who may not be aware: @Bishop398 is one of the devs from Working Title. What he wrote should be treated as coming from an authoritative source on this.



Zero problems with AAU1 final update and first flight so far.

AAU1 update from AAU1 beta, Xbox, Longitude flight smooth. Big thanks for all the hard work.

I did find during the Beta that on Xbox the Premium Deluxe credentials seemed to get screwed up several times, and I had to factory reset Xbox and delete User Data (meaning, lose my flight log and controller settings, and set up ‘as new’) to get things working.

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I can think of no better authority on Garmin than ‘Bishop’! Well, maybe Gary Burrell and Min Kao, but to my knowledge they aren’t members of this forum :innocent: (Definitely not Gary)


To me next Christmas time in end of January :slight_smile:

So many things and options now in Avionics…

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The Top Gun Low Altitude Challenges are completely broken now. The hills form right before my F18 and aren’t even fully shaped, while I pass them. Trees throughout the landscape are nowhere to be seen, except a few tiles at the start and at the very end of any given run. The run itself now moves in slowmotion as does the timer equally. I’m on Xbox Series X.

Will do a thread tomorrow about this. Now it is time for bed after tooth removal.


Hello @moosacher2,

You may want to create a new topic in #community-support or if you feel it’s a bug, create a new topic in #bugs-and-wishlist:ui-online-activities-bug if there isn’t one created.

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Seems ok for me. I don’t do them much, but they don’t look broken on my system (at least the very first one looks how I remember it).

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black screen no, ctd some i think .

but what i noticed , with rolling cache on textures load faster, and Xbox starts faster


Just took off from CYQG (Windsor) in the Longitude. The roll down the runway thru FL040 was an absolute slide show.

It has improved since, but I’m still seeing the occasional hitch.

This is on Xbox Series X. No extra scenery installed that didn’t come in a World Update.

I have been participating in the AAU1 betas since the beginning and was already on sim version, but when I started up this afternoon a few minutes ago, I was still prompted to download and install a ~689MB update after the usual “checking for updates” phase.

Xbox LOD issue appears to be fixed now.


Anybody notice the sharpness of all displays (PFD/ND/MFD etc) are way over sharpened? Some AA issues on screens as well since the update. Not just for CJ4 either. Noticed first on PMDG 73.

Thanks I advance!