[Polls] Sim Update 13 ( Discussion

There’s been another thread running on extremely slow download speeds in CM for quite a while but nothing seems to have been done to rectify the issue

I’ve also reported the issue numerous times on the Xbox Report a Problem tool, actually suggesting that this would become a serious issue for SU13 unless something was done about it.

It seems to be some sort of throttle back scheme which gives you 3-4 minutes of dial up modem speeds then throttles up to use your max BW ( for me 230 Mbps). Trouble is it reverts to the throttled back speed at the start of each new package and as most of the MSFS SW consists of multiple packages, the dial up modem speed can easily become the mode - so a small download of liveries can take almost an hour if each livery is bundles as a separate package, The WUs each have multiple packages… I’m not an IT professional so others may have a better insight into,what’s actually going on from tech perspective,