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It loaded

But now it’s a pain in the neck to identify what the problem is, first if it is a livery second if it is an add-on
Whatever it is the sim should not be weak enough to collapse and close.
It should not load the livery or so but to close!..
Thanks anyway for checking and your time, I appreciate it


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Here is mine. SU13
I’m in the USA with only WU2 and WU10 installed.
Community folder is empty.

I have 581. Nothing wrong there.

Fortunately payware liveries work
Something I noticed is that now some of my controls work!
Previously they were dead, zero animated.
Maybe, only maybe I might check which of my 94 liveries is the faulty one,

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I’m beginning to think this is the worst update ever for me. I’m getting more and more extremely blurry ground imagery in photogrammetry areas. I did a flight tonight that Ive done dozens of times – from Daytona Beach to Tampa Intl (both addons) – and Ive never seen things look this bad on my XBoxX:

not even the runway would load

I had blurry PG for a while on my first SU13 flight but it eventually cleared up. This time however, no…just bad blurry PG. it did start out good when I took off… not sure when it blurred up but I tried disabling the rolling cache but that didnt help. I already don’t do any traffic. Im not willing to cut anything else.

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Since SU13 I have been experiencing the following:

  1. Stuttering when departing airports, even quiet ones. (i9-12900KS, RTX 4090, 32Gb DDR5 5200Mhz RAM).

  2. Pink ground power units with Douglas DC-3.

  3. Awful stuttering whilst approaching LPPT after a 4.5 hour flight. I hope this is not the return of that awful long flight performance decline issue we had sometime back.

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How can I solve this problem with the black screen and nothing progressing?

Hi, i am new to this sim, i have decompressed 41/62 in ten hours. my screen wont allow access to the sim at all?

Asobo has recommended:

I’ve decided that SU13 isn’t to blame for my issues. It must be MS doing work on servers because I tried that same flight (KDAB to KTPA) either the next morning or the morning after that and the flight went quite well - PG loaded OK with only a handful of “PG square lines” which I get sometimes. I then tried a flight at night and the connection was so bad (only in game - Xbox said I had nearly 70Mbits/second) that it put me in offline mode so I just quit. This morning I did another flight from KMEM to KBNA and it went great.

So it is my belief that MS is doing something with the servers and I cannot fly at night until they fix whatever it is. I used to be able to fly at night… the SU13 release was just coincidence I think.

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This has literally happened, now, twice to me – both times I had perfect performance, until I arrived at my destination, during landing (of course) and FPS drops to like 5. Insane.

MSFS Moderators - are you aware of other reports of this? Something isn’t right since SU13 launched.


Thats the thing though… for me, my frame rates were great. and smooth. Its just that the scenery became really blurry. no CTDs or any other problems – just bad blurry ground imagery/PG.

I was looking briefly at some of the links to things like playfab services and xbox live services that can be found from a post on the news and information subforum. there doesnt appear to be any sign according to them that anything is wrong.

What are we supposed to do when the X box’s own network speed test utility says download speeds are quite good enough but then the sim itself says bandwidth isnt good enough to have PG or worse, to even be online?

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This EXACT thing happened to me. Destination airport fps dropped to 5 fps upon landing and nothing I did would stop it. I ended the flight and started a new flight at the same airport and the fps was fine.


A while ago the same thing was happening to a group of users. That is, massive stutters and very low frame rates when near the ground. it was eventually fixed but a workaround was to turn off photogrammetry and that fixed the problem. Its only a workaround and MS needs to look into the issue. Its worth a try.


I tried another flight tonight ( probably first tried around 1am zulu). I used the XBoxX “Test Network Speed” utility first and it said I had 50Mbits/sec. I started FS and ‘checking for updates’ took quite a while and then the next phase also took quite a while and then, when I loaded the flight planner, there were no clouds on the globe and zooming in on an area remained blurry and loaded slowly.

I had read that toggling Online Functionality OFF then back ON might help. I did that many times and it didnt help at all. I tried signing out of the XBox network and back in and that changed nothing.

I had read that I should choose the server closest to me but that option isn’t available for me because I don’t pay for gamepass. I kept checking it (the multiplayer server) and it ‘automatically’ moved me from East USA where I am to West USA and then finally to northern Europe with a 190ms ping.

I quit FS and restarted the XBoxX and again used the speedtest utility which then said I had 79Mbit/sec downloads. I started FS and it was still slow. I tried to load in at Orlando Exec with PG on and it said ‘bandwidth too low’.

There is something wrong with this game. I can fly during most of the day but between the hours of about midnite zulu and 4am zulu, I cant get good connection anymore.

Does this happen to anyone else? Your connection seems dictated by the time of day you fly?

From what I can tell from everything I have tried, SU13 is much hungrier than previous updates when it comes to bandwidth. I’m getting intermittent 100% packet losses on my connection while on the sim and can barely fly for the stuttering while on or close to the ground. Flown for a year with no issues at all prior to this update, including on the day of the update prior to it releasing. Performance is slightly better when using old style cockpit aircraft and/or when in chase cam and much worse with multiplayer on. My download speed is 70mbps. I have relayed this information to Microsoft through an open ticket that I have so hopefully they get it sorted soon so we can get back in the air


The servers can get full in the evening for the time zone that they are in. For example west Europe servers after around 6pm Zulu will be really busy, especially on a Saturday. Xbox users seem to find it harder to connect to them when they are busy compared to pc users

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Surely not when Catchphrase is on?


Ok so there is currently some type of live weather issue but it didnt seem to effect me. In fact I just had a great little flight from Tampa to Orlando in the rain.

Yesterday morning I joined the Xbox stability test and then went for a flight that i assumed would go just fine and it did. Later that day at around 6:30pm local (12:30am zulu), I did some flying that I thought I would not be able to do and hopefully telemetry data could be helpful to figuring out why… but the flight and my connection speed were just fine.

Tonight I went for another flight and it also went fine so i unenrolled from the stability test and restarted and then did that Tampa to Orlando flight. I used the C172 G1000 and loaded at the addon KTPA and had black screens (a first for me with that aircraft) so I restarted the flight and that time it went fine.

Either MS fixed something or me joining the stability test blew the carbon out of the tailpipes as it were. Hopefully my connection will remain good any time I choose to fly. Time will tell.

If you have XBox issues, try joining the stability test.