[Polls] Sim Update 13 ( Discussion

I have to agree that SU13 has been a disaster for console users, but I have been trying to do something to improve it and in the end I have:

  1. Removed all World Updates outside of Europe and the UK (where I mostly fly)
  2. Uninstalled any aircraft I don’t use (and can uninstall)
  3. Uninstalled any 3rd party airport or add-on from outside of the area I usually fly
  4. Uninstalled some add-ons that were a bit troublesome even before SU13
  5. Deleted and recreated a 24GB rolling cache

Flying now with multiplayer on, live traffic off, live weather off is mostly stable, occasional pauses around heavy scenery areas (like London) or add-on airports with a lot of added detail.

I’m on Series X, and while it is frustrating to have several hundreds of pounds of add-ons I’ve bought and can’t currently use - until they fix whatever they broke in SU13 I’d rather be able to fly and not CTD constantly. I still get CTD occasionally, of course.

Correct. Less than 1% of user base uses the forum.


Could the forum software cope with that kind of influx of new users? :slight_smile:


I have a basic ~1hr flight I often use with the C510 from Isle of Man to London City and it had become an absolute stutterfest, with CTD/Black screens or the occasional 4FPS approach if I could actually complete it. Been(trying) to fly it a lot more lately because of the 1.1 update. I had removed Bijan’s trees at some point because I wanted to change the ‘seasons’ and had noticed the vast amount of trees rendered by the sim, particularly at altitude.

I systematically removed GS/birds(animation SU9-era issues?)/London City, the ORBX packs for the city and the island, turned of PG, turned off live traffic, even HDR and was still getting it. I even made a few shorter runs from Rotterdam with only PG on and it still crunched out immediately on takeoff, and I don’t have any 3rd party around there. I put Bijan’s trees back on and it went to butter mode. I’ve been adding things back slowly but haven’t made the prerequisite 8+ flights yet to check everything. But the airport is back up, PG/live traffic, GS, birds and still smooth all the way in. And I would occasionally go out and spin around to ‘find’ problem areas on purpose, before it would result in a black screen when I returned to cockpit. I’ve been running visual waypoints just so I could fly it back by hand if I lost the entire flight plan(which was almost every time with glass). ETA The G1000 C182T, Kodiak and even the 172 would do it too.

Most of my flights of late were decent in FL/Bahamas/HI into 3rd party areas but there’s not a lot of landscape. Some other flying around San Diego and out to the Grand Canyon too. It would get notably crunchy and even black screen occasionally on full glass, but aircraft like the 414 made it OK, and I had been on a 414 kick for about the same time frame. A little chuggy at times taxiing to parking though. Need to go back and try those areas too. I used to fly London for long periods of time in helis with no issue either(before I removed the trees). I could land fine at Southern Logistics with the hundreds of planes(but few trees) but flying over European farmland was killing me.

But holy hell I didn’t realize how many trees the sim renders now, it may be an issue??

I’m going to keep adding stuff back and cycling to 35K’(which really goes through every type of rendering on a flight) and see if it gets in trouble. Need to add the ORBX enhancement packs back, which had never caused issues before about a month ago.

I miss SU13 :face_holding_back_tears: :disappointed_relieved:


You and I both. The new colour palette and exposure setting is terrible enough to the point that I’m going to take a break from the game, I wish I could roll back. Looks worse in every metric outside of the removal of the purple at sunset/sunrise, the day looks crap now.