[Polls] World Update XIII: Oceania Discussion

I’m sorry that we didn’t get photogrammetry areas and cities. I only fly over such areas.

  • Kiribati Parliament House, Kiribati

It’s great to see the Parliament of my native country, Kiribati, in the sim!


How do you do, fellow Kiribatian? :wink:


Do we know where the best resolution (DEM) is going to be?

First thoughts after an hour and a half of checking a few locations out, Easter Island is fun. I’ve wanted the easter island statues in the sim for a long time so it’s great to see!

Bora Bora looks great except for this massive hole that doesn’t go away and the rock itself changes shape/elevation as you move around it. It definitely takes me out of the experience which would be otherwise great. If that could be fixed it’d be perfect. Otherwise I probably wont fly here again. Things like that are just too distracting for me.

Honolulu got a little love but not enough to really improve it. I think it desperately needs to be featured in a City Update. It’s a beautiful city in real life. It’s not so great in the sim. I tend to avoid it, unfortunately. It needs photogrammetry, better satellite imagery around the island, and water masks need big improvement - A lot of the water masks have sharp cutoffs. The area around Pearl Harbor doesn’t even look like water - it’d be better without a mask there at all.

Photogrammetry - I guess there isn’t any at all in this update? Probably not the easiest area in the world to get photogrammetry, though I am surprised there isn’t any at all.

I’m gonna wait to explore much more before I do any poll votes.


([Release] World Update XIII: Oceania is Now Available):

Could you, please, tell what is the DEM source data resolution used in this WU13?


Sorry if this is a dumb/obvious question, but if I don’t install this world update, do I still get the sim updates mentioned below? I would happily install it, but I’m running low on storage space.

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Do you have the Bijan Boats and Huts installed? I think that might be a conflict perhaps?

Hi, that is not a dumb question. Your sim should be updated to without installing the world update. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you!

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You’re welcome!

I’m also running low on disk space. One thing you can do is “buy” it without downloading it, and then go to Content Manager and only install the photogrammetry. That’s only a few kilobytes.


Yes the update installs automatically for landscapes you have to download it from the marketplace so you don’t have to

Amazing Caledonia Water Masks


Very nice.
Could you tell me what airport that is in your image please? I’d like to fly around that area.

Magenta (yep, actual name) NWWM.

You can extract the Caledonia Bush Trip from the Official Folders - it’s a .PLN, then load it in using your choice of plane and weather. It starts at Magenta. 400 odd NM around the islands.


I will certainly check it out.
Thank you.

The new airports look lovely like always but why can’t I take the camera under the roof at PHKO? This has been an issue for many other WU airports (KAVX for example) and makes no sense that you guys go to all the trouble to make it look nice and then you can’t take a camera under there. And I know it’s not Gaya, Orbx that decided to make them like this because their products outside the WU’s don’t behave this way.

No, I don’t use any scenery. The hole in the rock has always been an issue. I remember flying there when I first got MSFS a year ago and it was there then.

You’d think that would’ve been a priority in this world update. Why add the huts and not fix the rock?


Aire Marine Protege, Caledonia