[Polls] World Update XIII: Oceania Discussion

The windsock issue is ‘fixed on generic airports’ only! Friday Harbor is NOT a generic airport!


Ever since World Update 1: Japan, world updates have always required us to “purchase” the WU content from the Marketplace and install it from there the first time. Once you’ve “purchased” it, it can then be removed / reinstalled via Content Manager.

It’s always been this way.


Thank you for the info! I will give it a try.

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Canada has to be by far the worst. The Betsiamites River’s altitude coordinates were set so high that it literally looks like the Wall from Game of Thrones. Try flying north from CYFE (Forestville) using no third party Canada scenery fixes.


Sure hope we are all submitting our feedback via the polls above. It’s clear this update seems to be another big miss (per the countless comments on discord, here, YouTube, etc.) Please vote.


I voted, but I wish the polls gave more options to express what we like and don’t like about the update. Are the devs gonna read this whole thread?

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Yes. We carefully read every post in all Official Feedback threads. We also do our best to read every other post on the forums too.



For me, this update is not only a disappointment. I feel downright cheated. Over 11GB out of 20 are POIs. No or few impressive changes - many free ones have done it before and better. Out of curiosity, I went to Java - so many POIs must be something … hmmm …

Out of all these points, maybe 3 can be considered as such. The others indicate grass, village, etc. I really feel confused…


Thanks, it can’t be easy keeping up with all the posts.

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When I’m in Oceania, I’m usually based at Bora Bora. I must say the update is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to this island: I like the water huts (which I used to use a third party mod for), the trees look marginally better, the mountain generally looks more detailed, as do the villages.


There’s a massive hole in the top of the mountain that you can see FROM THE AIRPORT - that’s FIVE MILES AWAY! Also, the photogrammetry of the beaches shows waves, which is pretty awful: I would have thought someone could have spotted that during the quality control process, so those could have been edited out before release. Then again, everyone involved missed the enormous gash in the side of the mountain, so maybe I’m expecting too much from… you know… a professional company that has been doing this for 40 years.

Hopefully Tetiaroa, Rangiroa, and the other islands in French Polynesia are better.


World Updates are going to get harder to produce, and with fewer enhancements (DEM, Aerials and Photogrammetry) per update as time goes on.
We knew they would be able to find all the data they wanted for North America and Western Europe, but now it’s gonna be a struggle to keep up with the quality of the updates as we get to into South America, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. And you can forget about there ever being a update for Russia, China or North Korea, Iran, Syria or even Valenzuela.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they go back for a 3rd revision of the USA due to lack of information/data on other countries.

With that being said, I believe they will announce Brazil next week during the live stream as World Update 14.

Melted buildings sounds like photogrammetry.

That won’t show up if your data is off.

You can tell data is turned off when your scenery starts to look like FSX, the 3D trees disappear, and all you see are trees in the textures, no buildings, stuff like that.

Photogrammetry can look melted for a couple of reasons, it’s low resolution, or, your data pipe is slow, so you haven’t downloaded all the data yet. Sometimes sticking around for a bit, it’ll start to get better looking. Having a good sized rolling cache can help with this if you spend some time flying around the area.

On the other hand, some photogrammetry is just bad. There’s been a lot of complaints about London and Toronto.


yes ofc i did lol

Hi, same issue, living in France, and the update doesn’t appair in the Content Management.
Does anybody knows when the update 13 will be availmable for France ?

wantok has some awesome add on air fields and mods that fix a lot of the terrain spikes and killer trees on the runway aprons of airstrips.


I found it, available in the market place. I guess it is the first time that I have to go manually to the marketplace to download it. Usually, it was directly proposed in the Content Management.

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Yeah, I don’t understand this either, and this isn’t the first time POI’s have been absolutely nothing. There are other POIs in the world that have nothing to look at. Fake POI’s, I guess.


Stupid question: Can POI markers be deleted from any world update without affecting the overall visuals?

World Updates (WU I-Xiii) have always been in the Market Place. They are optional.
Once you purchase them( for free ) they are, and will remain available in the content manager.

World updates usually come with a few other updates/fixes that are mandatory.
Think of these as 3 part installs. First is the initial preparation install, usually around 800mb, followed by the mandatory fixes/updates(nav data is usually done at this time too) and lastly the optional content in market place. Nothing new or changed in this regard.