[Polls] World Update XIII: Oceania Discussion

Satellite data and DEM are the big parts of. World Update, then we have the POI on top of it. Without the first two, there is no WU basically. Availability of this data definitely plays a role in choosing the locations.

When it comes to PG, Jörg hoped to get PG for Hawaii, but I guess they ran out of time and didn’t want to rush it in, we might get a separate city update for this purpose? Maybe they mention something in the next Q&A!


Release notes say: * A collection of highlands dirt airstrips in Papua New Guinea"
Someone knows which airstrips (code) are included?

@Vedras4608 AYLK, AYTI, AYGF

I think these are the ones

I have the same hola in Bora Bora mountain, exactly yours. Well, now I know that it’s not an addon causing this, thanks.

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Thanks, from LittleNavdata it seems these also for me.

Thank you for that Pro Tip, VERY cool!

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Okay, i had everything installed! I was just a little confused because i thought there was a second download :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks so much for your help! Although i make sure to have all the World Updates fully installed, that’s helpful info for those who might not want/have space for everything

Can’t wait to go exploring tonight \o/

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Thank you, i’m stuck at work, so it’s great to be able to get a sneak peek.

Thanks again!

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Are the Marquese Islands part of the World Update?

I was looking forward mostly to the new aerials, so in my first flight I went over Fiji. I also looked at Samoa and Vanuatu on the world map before starting the flight. They’re much better than before the update, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.

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Would be great to know! Anyone?

I flew over Bora Bora this afternoon. I love the water huts and the improved landscape, however there are two bugs I noticed:

  1. the mountain has a see-through part close to the top that you can see from the airport (it looks white - like ice, but you’re seeing the sky beyond). If you use the drone to fly near it, you can get inside the mountain.

  2. Motu Mute Airport’s flags are missing. The flagpoles are there, but no flags on them.


I assume these are static characters. If we could easily get animated characters, I might be tempted to create a few parties and pubs in my favorite places (Bora Bora being one of them). Do you happen to know where I can find a good tutorial for doing this kind of thing?

I spent my first two weeks in the sim (a month ago) based in Bora Bora (reliving my Tales of the Gold Monkey daydreams) and there was definitely no hole in the mountain then (or if it was, it was very much smaller). I flew close to the mountaintop when I first got to Bora Bora and I never noticed any hole that I could fly a drone through.

It appears there was a hole a while back, but they must have fixed it before I purchased the sim. But it has reappeared with this update.

Also, baked in chop was not as bad before. The new terrain seems to have raised the level of the island in some places so that the satellite imagery is more apparent through the water.

There’s oceania photogrammetry on the installed content, but we don’t know for what cities?

Definitely not an add-on issue. Its something that should probably be put into bug reports if it hasn’t already because it ruins an otherwise really great location.

I remember a hole there last April, which was the last time I flew there. The first thing I thought when I saw it was “They haven’t fixed this yet?”. Unless I’m confusing it with another mountain that had a hole in it - which is entirely possible.

Apparently a hole was there a while ago, but it must have been fixed because last month it definitely wasn’t there. I’m guessing when they added this new scenery for World Update XIII they undid a previous fix.

Sad to see the comments that Hawaii doesn’t really look that good. Anyone else?


What a beautiful update … amazing POIs and finally this part of the world gets a good treatment .

Beside this the arrival of the ATR makes visiting this region so much fun!

Thanks you Asobo & Microsoft.


I noticed when updating there was quite a bit regarding the C208, yet nothing was mentioned in the release notes…any ideas to what was done to the C208??

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