[Polls] World Update XIII: Oceania Discussion

Ever since their agreement with Maxar Technologies the photogrammetry has been superb. Case in point, the latest world update of Central Europe. They need to do this to all the earlier world updates as well.

Has there been any word when they will add Honolulu as a TIN city?


I wouldn’t be surprised if they hold it off until MSFS 2024 launches. I suspect they’re holding certain bits back as an extra ‘look, new stuff’ move. Of course it would be added to 2020. But i imagine they’ll want a selection of new photogrammetry from around the world to launch with 2024.

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It does seem that way, doesn’t it? They have it, we know that. I’d assume it’d be ready for implementation by now.

Also curious how they’ll handle Maui. I would love to see Lahaina remembered in the sim, but assuming they captured photogrammetry before the horrific events a few weeks back, I can imagine it’s a complex decision on MS’s part.

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I suspect if they do have that data, they’ll stay clear of it & won’t put it in the sim. Whilst i don’t think any players would mind having it. It could easily create a lot of bad press with the way media is these days. Just best to stay clear of it.