[Polls] World Update XVI: Caribbean

All the water masking in The Bahamas is gone! That’s my home airports & all the masking gone after WU 16! When is this going to be fixed? Or are we going to be ignored?


Some amazing looking watermasks to be seen in the southern Caribbean.
Los Roques archipelago, Venezuela.


Does anyone else experience the Toolbar to show three weird buttons now, that do nothing if you press them and make no sense in the tolbar section? Does anyone know how to get rid of this?

Is that not some figment of the Dune add on.(just guessing). Hit the cog and toggle them off. I dont see these but I haven’t installed Dune.

I have installed Dune and mine look normal.

Hmmmm well that’s not a good sign for MSFS2024 as it’s going to be even more dependent on using the Cloud.

Haven‘t installed the Dune Expansion.

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Hi Guys - I just updated to Caribbean and WHAT ON EARTH HAS HAPPENED !?!?!

It chewed up an additional ~180TB of hard drive space and removed all my purchases from marketplace.

Has anyone else seen this happen ??

180TB, well that’s something much bigger than the sim - the base sim doesn’t exceed 1TB even with all options installed.

I mean GB sorry … but also I can no longer install add-ons eg. FBW A320nx - even after deleting the entire Community directory.

Something is very amiss after I have done the update.

180 GB sounds like it reinstalled the game to a dif location

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All I did was let it update the game and it all went to h*ll …

This might happen when accidently some core files went missing or got currupted. In this case, the wole sim is reinstalling itself but leaves all your addons untouched.

180GB is definitely more tham the regular update.

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Thanks yes the update had redirected to C: Local Cache instead of my ususal F: Drive so it reinstalled everything yet somehow descreased the F: drive space as well.

I uninstalled the core files and reinstalled pointing at F: drive and its fine again - my Offical Package folder (not inc Community) currently stands at exactly 300GB (Premium Edition) with all the free marketplace add-ons installed.

Does that sound about right ? If not is there a way to clean up the Official folder ?

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