Poor FPS performance

I just recently built a 9900K+2080ti+32Gram+1T M.2 computer.
Since the release of MSFS2020, I have been studying how to optimize FPS performance to get the highest.
I am not using 4K.
Use 208 and DA62withG1000 (turn off enhanced PFD terrain display) test
Default big city 30-40FPS
30-38FPS for big cities with addon
Village small airport 60FPS
Town + addon airport 47FPS
City + addon airport 38-47FPS
Use A320, B787, all FPS 40% OFF

MSFS2020 should be called satellite map simulation 2020
Performance problems may require DX12 to solve.

Your framerates not too shabby for a flight sim, even top gear PCs struggle with this sim at Ultra settings, even at less than 4K. Try and get a balance between the CPU and GPU loads and aim for smoothness rather than just FPS. Having a G-Sync or Freesync monitor would help a lot with any judders, as a smooth 35 fPS say is perfectly fine in a flight sim…it’s not a shoot 'em up after all.

Have you read through this thread? It breaks down one guy’s settings to attain a good smooth balance between visuals and performance.

My 2070 SUPER 4K settings and suggestions - episode 2

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You’re complaining about poor performance with those numbers? Most people would be ecstatic to get that.

If you’re upset because you’re not getting a steady 60+ fps, you’ve set your expectations way too high. The fastest hardware currently on the market can’t do that.

And DX12 won’t do jack for performance.


What have you got the render scaling set at in the sim out of interest?
Have you studied how to get the most fps in general or for the best with this sim?

Not got mfaa or fxaa switched on in nvidia panel have you?

It is because there are too many short-sighted users like you who are content with the status quo, which leads to the permanent stagnation of MSFS. MSFS can only rely on superficial things to win over such a user group.

I’m stating the reality of the situation. Neither you nor I have to like it or be content with its current state. That doesn’t change the fact that it is what it is. And there’s jack ■■■■ we can do about it at the moment. Neither throwing money at it (in terms of top-tier hardware) nor bellyaching in the 395738th thread about this very subject is going to change that right now.


That’s about right mate. If you lowered your res those numbers would go higher.

have you tried lowering some settings, I find even at 80 percent render scaling, the sim doesnt look too shabby, also there is that small windows background processes trick that seems to help some ppl, google it… I have a 4690k. 24g ram, and a rx580, and a mix of medium and high settings with 80 percent render scaling i get 40-60 in most places, out in remote areas like new zealand mountains for example i can even hit 75ish

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