Poor perfomance in Beta Version

I was getting poor performance when I was taxing at any airport when I used my Oculus Rift S. It was hard to use the simulator in VR mode because it was pretty bad. It shutters a lot. Even at 30 fps, it was hard to use. I went to the oculus software and switched off the beta version, and OMG looks like I upgraded my device. It looks so sharp and good. I got a performance boost. I downgrade to high for terrain and ultra for clouds since I flight IFR anyway, and it is a new sim.

I also switched the simulator to full screen and not more CTD. I was getting a lot of CTD in window mode when using VR Mode.

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I have to try this. I have same problem, not happening 5 minutes but an hour. Every thing start to shake and bake. Even poi markers start floating and swinging. After that when i start fly again, 5 minutes and CTD. Couple days a go i updated win 11. All the settings are same as win 10. Display drivers are 472.12 for win 11.
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
64GB @ 3600Mz
980 PRO 1 TB

This works for me!! Thankyou!

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