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I did the latest MSFS 2020 (Australia) update, and migrated to Windows 11. I setup using Direct X12 beta. I don’t encounter any bugs, but the image is a bit jerky. With W10, the image was smooth. I have a good internet network and my connection is wired (not wifi).
What can you advise me to find a more comfortable game in its fluidity?

Thanking you.

DX12 is “Beta Only” with the sim.
It is not going to work good yet.
Try it with DX11

From the last DEV Q&A:


Seb – Sim Update 7 features a new option in the graphics menu. You can switch it to 12. I have seen a lot of speculation: It doesn’t come with any new features or specific optimization. It’s just a straight port of the sim to DirectX 12. The goal here is just to have a test. We are doing a lot of testing. We think everything is working. Performance-wise, there will be potential for improvements. It is not yet faster. On my machine, the current version was 10% more efficient on CPU and a little bit slower on the GPU, and so overall you won’t see the difference. This is the very first implementation. We found a lot of potential for GPU optimizations that will add on top of CPU optimizations. Over the next month on updates, we will get more performance on DX 12 than DX 11 eventually. I am hoping for 10, maybe 15%. And we will start adding new effects related to DirectX 12. So currently, it’s really just a port you can test. But if you want more performance, you should stay on DirectX 11. We’re hoping for feedback, bugs, and start to see updated drivers.

Thanks for your informations.

Thanks that’s pretty much what I thought … and I guess those with weaker cpus but good graphic cards could even benefit from DX12 now, especially if they struggle with LOD or traffic.