Poor performance, longer load times and CTD's during loading and content downloading

I’m very pleased with the fact the white dot issue has been fixed in the latest SU13 beta, however last night I was doing some testing in the PMDG 737. My PC is a 10900K 5GHz and a 1080 Ti FTW3.

I noticed that while panning I’m getting a large stutter, it takes a moment for the sim to stabilize the frame rate and return to a steady state. I did the usual, clear the cache and rebuilding it, still same result. Normally that fixes any problems.

Load times take much longer for sim start up and to get the flight to load. Sometimes during loading the sim gets stuck and causes a CTD. I have to actually manually open up Task Manager and kill the process for MSFS.

I was also downloading some content in the marketplace when I got a CTD midway through the download. I don’t know how MSFS handles content that isn’t properly downloaded, so I went ahead and uninstalled it all and re-downloaded it.

I’m not expecting glorious 60 fps with my 1080 Ti, but it was a steady 35 FPS before which made the sim usable. Now I sometimes get a slide show of about 10 FPS.

When we’re using the Beta, does the sim run heavier diagnostics/data logging in the background to help the devs? That could maybe explain some of the performance loss? But I’m not sure.

Hopefully we can get these bugs squashed in time for the official SU13 release.

Thanks again Dev Team for all your hard work!

Same here. I never see this before.


I was looking through my event logs and found these:

Apparently RADAR_PRE_LEAK_64 usually has to do with programs that aren’t handling RAM properly?

You could try quitting the sim and then delete everything in the Temp folder.

No CTDs here, but I’ve had some really, really long load times compared to the previous beta.

Interesting, well I just tried clicking out of the simulator to move a file on my desktop and the sim froze on me again. Time to kill process again…

I decided to roll back my NVIDIA driver to 536.99 and installed the latest Chipset Driver for my motherboard, the sim hasn’t crashed for me now, and looks like my performance is back.

So I’m guessing it’s the latest NVIDIA driver that’s causing an issue? I’ll continue to fly and report back any issues.

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Seeing the same issues on two different PCs. Its not the new nVidia drivers. It was happening before the latest update.

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Just got a CTD after trying to load the Flybywire A32NX…


Probably not the solution, but it’s back to normal here.

What did i do: (PC-Steam)

  • Signed Out of Xbox
    -Signes On Xbox again
  • Turn all DATA option OFF and APLY
  • Turn all DATA option ON and APLY

Very simple to be true but… maybe you can try, if not yet

Got the A32NX to load now, I was loading into MMGL using MagSoft’s MMGL Scenery but I guess I selected a parking spot that made the aircraft collide with the building and then it gave me the ntdll.dll crash/CTD. I’ll try the suggestion for signing in and out and data toggle, see what happens.

Personally, I had not been able to make the A32NX work with the beta.
On non-beta build, all OK.

So I tried the signing out and back in and toggle, not sure if it’s a placebo but I did notice my FPS went up after panning my camera around for a while with the A32NX at MagSoft MMGL, but then occasionally the performance goes back down again. It’s still flyable, but it doesn’t make sense why there’s so much FPS fluctuation.

I’m seeing others reporting the same ntdll.dll issue as well.

I flagged this airport as one of the three that were causing significantly longer load times for me.

I’m curious about your experience with it. I’d like to know if the issue is unique to me or if it is a universal issue for all of us.

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I haven’t had another CTD recently but what I am noticing is the performance is still not what it was before. Getting 10 fps and then it fluctuates back to 35… So performance really needs a tweak.

I think it needs an update. The airport parking/gates are also incorrectly set on the MSFS Map.

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With the latest SU 13 (.13 update), there’s still a lot of performance being left on the table.
I streamed for a while on Twitch last night, but when panning around in the PMDG 737 and at MMGL MagSoft, it was a bit of a slideshow at times.

Clearing the rolling cache can actually make the performance worse in the period right after you delete it. With an empty/disabled cache, FS always needs to download scenery and write it to the disk. With cached content, it just reads it. I wonder if the problem is that your system is effectively refilling the cache?

I’ve been clearing the cache after every update, yet even after panning around and getting it to write the data, it doesn’t smooth out. So I don’t know what else is causing it.

Why? No real reason to do that and theoretically will adversely impact performance.