Poor performance, longer load times and CTD's during loading and content downloading

It’s usually improved performance on my system in the past whenever there’s an update. Usually after an update it would stutter, but after rebuilding the cache it’d bring the performance back to where it is normally. How’s the update running for you?

The update is a mess for me. All kinds of CTDs and slow loading. I’ve posted in this thread quite a bit about it. Performance after it loads and when it does not CTD is the same.

Really does not make sense that clearing the cache would improve performance. Just creates a lot of downloading from the internet and writing to the disk. Definitely would never do it after every update. Not good for your SSD.

Yeah, not the best update so far, but I have faith it’ll be fixed.

I’ll leave the cache alone and see how it does, what’s a good size for the cache anyway? I’ve been wondering that.

My fingers are crossed. I was very happy to see that they referenced this thread in last night’s development update. They know they have a problem.

Mine is 16GB. About 18 months ago there was some post about figuring out how to size the cache properly. I did my best to follow that guide and landed on 16GB. Most important is that you have it on a fast drive. And, you should make it bigger if your internet connection is slow. I’ll see if I can find the post.

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Installed the update and most of the time the sim gets stuck at the loading screen (at appr. 95%) - waiting for half an hour, then killed the process (normally loading in a 7 minutes or so). Went out of beta… Main Menu missing… deleted the fs base folder and redownloading again… fingers crossed.

While in the beta I managed to do one quick flight in the Extra at Catalina and that went exceptionally well in VR (Aero), no complex scenery of course.

This is a Windows built-in feature to detect which programs are reproducing memory leaks. It just tells you that MSFS is the one having the memory leak, as we already knew because it does not stop crashing.


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What was said? I haven’t seen any of the major issues in SU13 improve as of the latest build.

It will be a disaster if it gets released like this.

There was a mention and a link to the longer “Loading time and CTD” thread in the 2nd paragraph of the 8/31 Dev update.

I’ll add, while I can get a first launch by “taking it slow”, it’s almost impossible to load a second+ flight unless fully reloading the sim from desktop.

froze before finishing an marketplace addon update, had to end the task via taskmanager.
flights seems to be not so fluid, the scenery is more stuttery.
Also in some planes i have a white screen in the display of the nav card.
The DCD F-15C has now a Pilot turned on in VR for some reason where never a pilot was visible. Weird things…

With all these issues currently in the beta of SU 13, I hope they will hold on to it a little longer before releasing this to the public.

I am getting CTD when loading third party airports. Either when loading the game or on fly-now. If I play default sceneries no issue so far. I am also flying FBW 320.

Performance is back and very smooth again with .14 beta update. Are you guys also on .14 now? Try it out and let me know your thoughts.

I’ve noticed a significant improvement. In the air I’m getting over 50fps while flying the PMDG 737s. On the ground at a major airport around 30. Midrange system running High settings at 1080p.

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Yeah, same here, even with complex addons. I’m on a 1080Ti 2560x1440, using DX12 and I probably flew around aimlessly a good number of hours last night lol. Getting a steady 60 fps using High Settings and AMD FSR.

Closed as fixed in Sim Update 13: Release Notes - Sim Update 13 [] Available Now