Poor performance on the ground

I have low performance on the ground, especially after a flight. Weird thing is, i had about 30 fps, and when i focused (with mouse click) on my other monitor (With youtube running) i got 20 fps, and when i clicked back on MSFS i got 45 fps until i looked around again in the cockpit. Seems there is a problem with VRAM usage/management.

It seems logical to me that when i select the second screen the GPU will prioritize what’s happening on the second screen, but the strange thing is the performance going up when i go back to MSFS compared to before the switch to the second monitor.

I have 8GB VRAM by the way and i’m running hIgh settings, so that should be enough.

You are having a similar issue to us here. Strange that photogrammetry is greyed out. Make sure you have enabled online functionality and bing data ( they are all on the same screen in the options).

Do you have also stuttering and low fps in areas without any photogrammetry?

I have fixed my problem. Photogrammetry was definitely the issue, but it is only a problem because of my very low internet speed (6 Mbps). So the slow internet was the root cause as I’ll explain later. With photogrammetry on it will try to download a lot of terrain data, and my slow internet causes it to stutter very badly - like unflyable on takeoff and low to the ground. I had Bing data turned off (unknowingly), and once I turned it on Photogrammetry was no longer greyed out, and I then turned PhotoG off. I know it seems odd that I would have the problem with it greyed out, but I did. Once I turned off Photogrammetry, I started with very low settings across the board and slowly started upping the settings. At about mid level settings I turned Photogrammetry back on, and I got a message saying my internet speed was too slow to download so much data. So I turned it back off. I am now at Ultra settings almost across the board, and terrain level of detail is at 160 and object level of detail is at 90. Everything is very smooth and graphics are very good. And this is in VR using an HP Reverb G2! 2D and I could probably up terrain and object level of detail more (I am going to up object level of detail some more). I hope this helps others. Oh yeah, there is only one high speed internet solution coming to my area soon, so I’ll be dropping Elon a note saying sign me up for his Starlink. ; )

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It is obvious that the game will not work as intended if you use 6Mbps when the recommendations are 50Mbps.

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Recommended is 10GB for low end rigs but we’ve had a LOD boost to 400 since then. Nonetheless 6GB should work for photogrammetry but only at very low LODs and with low precache settings. I really doubt that it’s worth it.

I think I’ll post this here because I’m curious to see if this works for anyone else. For those who are getting poor performance when using photogrammetry, try uninstalling the WU’s and restart the sim. See if it goes back to pre SU7 performance. I reinstalled the sim and started a flight at a photogrammetry surrounded airport completed vanilla and it worked like pre SU7. I then reinstalled the WU’s and boom…the terrible performance, high main thread, low gpu usage came back. I’m thinking its something bugged in 1 of the world updates…which one, I’m not sure. I reinstalled the USA WU and its still fine…so I’m thinking its one of the other ones, but I don’t have time to test. It’s a laborious process


I can confirm this, there is something going on with the World Updates, i uninstalled all of them except the USA and my performance is back to the way it was. I will gradually install the World Updates and see if I can identify which one is causing the Issue.

It seems like the the loss in performance may be gradual with each update. For example, LOD 300, everything in Ultra at JFK with photogrammetry on and no AI traffic:

With all WUs FPS: 19
With only USA FPS: 43
With USA and Japan: 35.

Still have to test how others affect FPS but I bet they gradually lower the fps, some more than others.


My problem started after WU6

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Well ■■■■. Uninstalled all world udpates except USA. First flight here is from my local airport to another a few miles north. Even though this is an autogen area with autogen airports, I would stutter like crazy and drop to low 20s when on the ground after SU7.

After removing WUs except the USA, I was sitting at a comforable 30-33 on the ground. There’s still a bit of stutter when I look around, causing the frame rate to fluctuate. That wasn’t there pre-SU7, but this is a huge improvement. And now in the air, I’m currently getting 37-42 fps. I’ve never gotten frame rates like this while using popout instruments before. This is awesome.

Will try from a PG heavy area next and see how that works out. But if this is any indication, it could be a nice game changer.

So it would seem that this is an issue with the way SU7 interacts with world updates, even though we’re not in the areas covered by those updates.


I’m glad this is helping some people. I hope the devs get to see this and explore what could be causing the issues. I haven’t had a chance to install them 1 at a time yet…but with JUST the USA WU installed, its working almost like pre SU7. I also am still getting the stutters but its way better than with the WU’s all installed.


Thank you for finding this. It is helping me a lot.

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Yeah, this is a big improvement. I still need t set my terrain LOD lower than I had it pre-SU7 otherwise it’s a complete stutterfest on the ground, but this is a huge improvement in terms of frame rates and the amount of stutter. Thanks for finding this.

Although I’m not terribly hopeful that Asobo will do anything with this information in the short term. I don’t even expect this to be on their radar until we scream about it for year.


We will see how it goes. I am just glad there is a way to improve performance without having to reinstall windows as it was previously suggested, turn photogrammetry off or having to lower the Terrain LOD in the ground and then raise it while in the air.

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please keep us posted. Im curious if its some rogue piece of code in one of the WU’s or a culmination. I am hoping its 1 of them and we can find the culprit.

FYI, I’ve now installed both USA and Nordics and can confirm still good performance.

My plan is to test WU USA + each of the other World Updates and write down the FPS changes. After that I will decide which ones I want to keep and which ones will have to go until an official fix comes out. So far adding Japan costs me 8 FPS sitting on the runway at JFK with the NYC skyline in sight.

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@Crunchmeister71 @f14billy and all!
If anyone can assist in confirming that removing the WU does indeed increase the FPS on the ground, please report. I’ve added the #queued-for-review and pushed this up.

When reporting, state the area, aircraft used, MP on/off, Live Traffic on/off, and what WU (or all) removed. Thanks!

I can indeed confirm that removing all WU except USA gained me an extra 10 fps on the ground, even while flying in the US. And the stutters have decreased VERY noticeably, although still there in PG areas.

I’ve flown in 2 areas so far:

CYSH to CYGK. Both were a 20 fps stutterfest before removing the WUs, despite being all autogen areas. With all but the US WU removed, I’m 30-33 fps on the ground, and far less stuttering.

KSAN to KLAX showed much better performance. Also about a 10 fps improvement (low teens to low 20s) and a large improvement on stuttering, although still present and more frequent than the last light in an autogen area.

I fly with Live Weather on, MP off, Life Traffic on.

EDIT: To confirm, it doesn’t FIX the issue. It merely improves it. I’ll try removing the USA WU as well and seeing if that helps improve things and report back when I get a chance.


Is performance the same even without US update? it would be good if we could rule out US update as one of the problems to begin with.

I will be updating this post with my findings as I go. Intel 8600k at 4.8 Ghz, 48Gb Ram at 3200 Mhz, RTX 3080 10gb.

Using the Cessna Skyhawk 172 at JFK on runway 31L. Time of the day 1:00 pm. Few Clouds. 4K resolution, MP off, AI traffic off, LOD 300, All settings ultra and photogrammetry on.

With all WUs I was getting 19 FPS on the runway. Main thread limited.

Restarting the sim after each change:
Removing all WUs I got 43 FPS.
Adding USA also 43 FPS so no performance issues there.
USA + Japan 35 FPS. -8
USA + UK 35 FPS. -8
USA + France 34 FPS. -9
USA + Nordics 41 FPS. -2
USA + Germany 35 FPS. -8

Just for the fun of it and to rule out that the issue may be related to the number of WUs installed (at least 2) I tried removing USA and leaving only Germany on. With only Germany I get 35 FPS the same as with USA installed so I can confirm USA has no performance issues.

This issue is easily reproducible in my system and hopefully the developers can figure out what the root cause is. Until then I will use this sim with USA + Nordics. It’s a shame because I was actually able to enjoy France and the UK with acceptable performance in SU6. Oh and please also look into the Track IR issue :slight_smile:

Edit 12/1/2021
After further testing I found out that uninstalling the whole WUs package isn’t necessary to get the FPS improvements. Only the 3d photogrammetry cities parts need to be deleted. Airports, points of interest, procedural buildings and bushtrips have no effect in performance.

Here is a screenshot of what I have deleted and I have great performance on the ground in the same testing scenario I described:

Edit 12/16/2021
Thanks to @propilot23k suggestion I also tested removing the GOTY 3D photogrammetry objects. In my previous testing when I mentioned USA it actually meant USA + GOTY. Removing GOTY 3d photogrammetry objects gave me a 7 FPS boost on the ground.

So my current content looks like this for maximum performance in the USA:

Edit 1/31/2022
Australia 3D photogrammetry cities gives me a 10fps penalty when in the USA JFK on the ground so I will keep it off also unless I decide to fly around it.
Adding all the 3D photogrammetry cities now brings my fps on the ground from 48 all the way down to 19 in the USA JFK on the ground. Seems like the more WU 3D photogrammetry cities I install the worse the performance gets. This behavior was expected so I will keep the USA and Nordics fully installed as usual and all the other 3D Photogrammetry cities uninstalled.