Poor scenery quality after new patch?

I know there are a few issues with the patch but I noticed the quality of scenery is just garbage after the update. Anyone else seeing this?


All my graphics settings were set on extreme low, like low screen resolution and detail sliders all the way down. I’d check your settings.

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bei mir ist die Landschaft schon in Ordnung aber weltweit die verpixelten Bäume !
Einige Probleme sind gelöst das wird schon noch.

Ouch, is your GPU working normally?

I noticed that also so I went in and adjusted them back. however trees still look “Xplane like” also the flickering is driving me nuts. I’ll go into it again and double check

alles andere wird normal angezeigt ich vermute sträucher oder besondere Bäume sehen so aus, die gpu war bis zum letzten Update ja auch normal - entweder es hat mit dem entwicklermodus zu tun oder es bestehen schwierigkeiten beim download und der verarbeitung der gestreamten daten.

Flickering is likely caused by lower quality AA.

Weird, i haven’t seen anything like that in the game. You can try to delete rolling cache and set it Off, then restart sim.

Not using G-sync?

auch mit sync keine änderung

why not use this thread ?

it even might have more insight into the issue mentioned…

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Never mind his GPU, his flying is much more of a worry!

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