Poor service on the marketplace

I have bought a Carenado Cessna 182T on the MSFS marketplace and it was never downloaded.

The answer was (purchase not accepted)

However I was billed twice on my credit card VISA for this failed purchase.

I did communicate with Microsoft, which tells me to contact XBOX, which tells me to contact Carenado, which tells me they have nothing to do with this matter and suggests me to go thru ZENDESK.

I am tired of this ping-pong game and ask for a full refund for this item

Pierre Paquet

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This run-around is a common and worrying trend with the Marketplace. When anything goes wrong, it turns into a giant finger pointing game.

That said, Asobo are the ones who are most likely to be able to fix it for you based on several other threads where people had problems.

DMing you to try to help solve this!

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same thing happen to me for two airports do you have a number for xbox or someone for the market place?

yeah i need mine solved also
this marketplace is a mess how can it fail but still charge you?

Yeah this is very frustrating…I bought and got charged for the Mooney and after my card was charged, I got a “purchase error”. So I’ve paid $30 for a plane I don’t have access to. What gives?