Poor TAA since UK Update

I noticed this as well, at least much more shimmering in the distance on a 1440 p monitor. Haven’t tried the clamp thing, might give it a go.

Reading on another forum, it was mentioned there they reverted back to the old TAA with this past update to fix the clouds issue. Would post a link but not sure if that is allowed here.

You’ll appreciate this.

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Most likely, done for the sake of increased performance ! Probably, TAA downgrades so as to scotch the stuttering.

Here is the quote:

Yes, we are back to the old TAA method, before It is not as good at eliminating jagged edges and it creates more blur, but it is more effective at denoising clouds and shadows. It was probably reverted because with the new one the grain in the clouds was more obvious.

Personally I much preferred the look of the new TAA with the sharpening filter disabled but what can you do.

Yes, I’ve noticed it. Mine has picked up a habit of the cockpit animations freezing mid-flight. It’s a fatal error as there’s no way to recover it or so it seems. The ladies and gents at Asobo have their work cut-out for the update in March. I fully expect it to roll into April, but if it means more time to make the game better, then so be it.

I get a lot more shimmering at mid range. Any horizontal lines will do I such as being edge on to the threshold markings.

Pretty sure the comment above about reverting to the old TAA to fix clouds on some graphics cards is the reason.

The new TAA was better but had issues rendering clouds for some people.

Would have been better if they gave you the option to choose as I never had the pixelated cloud issue.

I really…really…hate this new TAA in VR.

But, I really…really…like the new clouds.

It’s bittersweet. It’s too bad it has to be one or the other.

No issues with it here.Imo its better than how it was before.Was a bit too sharp and grainy before and it looks like they got it toned down a bit. Running a 3440x1440 monitor.

The new TAA was definitely better, distant views were sharper, less blurry. I didn’t have any problem with pixelated clouds. If they did revert back to the old TAA setting, an option to choose between the two would be welcome. I am now back to experimenting with different sharpness settings with NVCP and GeForce Experience trying to get the new TAA “look” back somehow.

The change to TAA since UK update makes me sad in VR. I’ve had some time to mull it over, and have noticed that the change to TAA makes much less difference in 2D than it does in VR. Yes, 2D clouds look absolutely stunning now…but the new jaggies and shimmering of objects in VR which weren’t there before is just depressing.

I’ve noticed this as well in VR particularly. However I’ve also noticed that at least for me performance has improved in VR and I was able to increase the resolution scaling. Higher resolution scaling should also smooth out the edges a bit.

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I’m still bummed about this. I’m already at 100 TAA / 100 OXR with my G2. Ingame AA is set to 8x8. Still too many jaggies for my liking. :confused: It was sooo good before the update in VR.

Anything else I can try?

An option to choose which TAA to use would have been nice.

Yep. Old TAA for VR and new TAA for 2D. It’s what I would have selected in my options if it was available.

I also have experienced some shimmering of distant objects, particularly like coastline areas with bridges, loading areas, towers, etc

No thanks: :joy:

[BUG/FEATURE] TAA is transforming road traffic into ghosts (self-cancelling moving pixels)

PS: It is unbearable in VR to me, but this is also visible in 2D to a lesser degree.

I still see some of that. The traffic comes in and out and is sometimes partially transparent, looks really odd.

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