Poor VR performance since WU IV

Hi All,

Since installing WU IV, I am getting terrible stuttering. Literally one second of flight then a split second of the screen freezing. This is with an HP Reverb G2 / Ryzen 9 3900x and nVidia 3090.

Prior to the update I was averaging 35 FPS.

Has anyone experienced this?

Have any settings changed that need changing back?

Many thanks.

Yes, this update destroys the VR performance again. At least 10 frames are lost. After the last performance optimization, I can reach 30-40 frames in 2D, and about 15 frames in VR. It’s strange that 12-15 frames in VR don’t feel stuck?

I’m just i7 6700k, gtx1070, 32g ram, htcvive

The simulator is set as follows:

Resolution 1080

Taa70 steamvr220 terrain details 200 object details 200, mapping class high, shadow reflection class, glass refresh low, n card driver 457.30

I hope to give priority to performance in future updates, 2d30 + vr15 +, my requirements are not high

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I also have very bad regular stutter. It’s like the aircraft is going fast then slow every 2 seconds yet the head movement is smooth.

I am done…I have just lost 10 FPS from one day to the next, dropping from average 30 FPS to 20. I am really done now. I have spent or better lost dozens of hours of my lifetime to get some acceptable to good performance results with MSFS2020. I have to admit that I immediatley got hooked up after seeing the first print screens 2 years ago. So I decided to build my own Gaming PC once MSFS2020 is released just so I could enjoy MSFS2020. Luckily I was able to get my hands on a Ryzen 5600X and a RTX3060TI. In hope of getting more FPS I managed to get a RTX3070 for a reasonable price which was practically impossible and still is. The expected performance increase was = 0 (zero). :slight_smile: OK the buy was not helpful at all but at least increased the value of my gaming rig. But at that time I was getting from 27 on ground to 36 FPS up in the skies. However also only after watching dozens of youtube videos and using additional software like oculus tray tool. I have had some wonderful flights which blew me away. Last Wednesday I flew from Los Cabos to San Diego into the sunset…amazing…nice performance…everything cool. I alwasy was amazed by the landscapes and the immersive feeling flying in VR. But now I am done. I have lost too much time with this. And after 5 months I have to say this is not a finished product but still in Beta version. I am done. I am done. I am done. It is like ending a bad relationship which consumes too much energy. I am done. Good bye. Maybe we see each other again in the future. But until then. Take care…

The optimisation patch that was released before WU 4 killed VR performance for me. It killed performance generally for my RTX 3080 5600X set up. I lost 10 - 15 FPS at least right across the sim and of course that has a huge impact on VR.

I hope Asobo get it all fixed soon.

I can‘t confirm any performance issues. I‘m getting 35 fps in VR after the last update. Running a RTX 3090. It‘s weird, that the sim performes so differently. It must be hardware related (internet bandwidth etc ).

Having had it run pretty wonderfull on the gtx1080 for about a week (including ups and downs in testing as i’ve only had the Q2 for 2 weeks, that last update shot it down again in VR… let alone diving into settings, then upon resuming the sim, having the headache of Axis at 50% is doing my head in.
i’ll stick to 2d for the time being untill the next optimization. Still looking for you, 3080!



Bye. Have a good day.

Thanks. You too

I had some stuttering yesterday, on approach to LEPA in a CRJ 550, with multiplayer on and a fair few players in the vicinity.

I had also had some rather odd experiences during the flight from LFLL, including a co-pilot appearing when i was in the cockpit and the animation of the throttle and other controls stopping.

The stuttering only seemed to occur in VR.

I put it down to one of the modules in my Community folder and so repeated the flight, having emptied out everything but the CRJ and the Navigraph data. I had no repeat of the issues when i arrived at LEPA. However, the fact that the LEPA area was a lot quieter made me wonder whether multiplayer might still have somehow played a role in the stuttering.

I therefore did a search of the forum and found this thread, which might be connected with what the OP, and others, are experiencing.

Mutli-player Stuttering after world update - Bug report - Bugs & Issues / Online Services & Activities - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Hmmm interesting. I’m running a HTC Vive Pro (with ETSY Lens mod) on a Radeon VII with latest 21.3.2 drivers, Ryzen 3900XT CPU, 32GB 3200 14CAS DDR4 and didn’t actually lose performance with this update flying the latest 12.1 WT Mod for the CJ4. Did anyone else with Radeon GPUs notice this at all? Will have to investigate further.

Hi Maeck8049, you know, MSFS is rather like a long-term marriage relationship. Sure, there is the initial phase of excitement, hope and expectation. After that comes the realisation that neither side’s performance can match their dreams.

So, what happens? An understanding to get the best you can from the situation and remember one man’s dream is another’s disappointment…

I’ve been using flight sims for almost 35 years now. If I go back just 10 years ago, I would have given anything to get what I have now. It isn’t perfect, and I have spent almost £5000 of my pension (secretly spent I may add) this year alone, to try and get the ‘perfect’ experience. I have a rig that way exceeds max requirements, a VR set that is ‘excellent’, and a motion sim from DOF.

Yet still I spend hours messing about with this setting, then another, and so on. My point, perhaps not too well made, so forgive me as I advance to old age, is that I have learned to love my hobby like my wife…it sure ain’t perfect, and for all the money I’ve spent, I wish I had more to show for it, but I get fleeting examples of absolute joy, and lots of frustration that our two expectations don’t quite meet. Love exceeds expectation, or indeed reality.

Don’t give up on this wonderful hobby. Accept it is not the finished item, yet. It never will be because we will expect more and more (like moving people in cities, being able to sit in a passenger seat and recreating a flight anywhere in the world etc etc). We will never get exactly what we want, so enjoy the good parts and accept the bad as just for now.

I recently had 2 weeks without my hobby whilst my new rig was being made. It was awful not being able to turn on my old friend. I felt lost and when I got it back ? Well, kinda disappointed that £2000 of my money on a new custom-made PC hasn’t yet given me what I dream of… but I will keep going and enjoy the magic moments waiting for the bad times in between. And VR is a huge disappointment, for now…but it will get better because it just has to…so wait for that to happen!

Listen to an old man, enjoy what you have got and don’t give in… it will get better. Just don’t forget what you would have wanted 10 years ago. You have that, and more, it’s just your expectations have become even more…that’s perfectly normal.

Oh yeah, just like marriage, loving Microsoft Flight Simulator (whatever the number or version) is for life and until Death us do Part!

Hoping this can make you smile a bit, we all have frustrations but it will get better and better…