Pop Out Instruments! - It Works!

Everytime I pop the screens my sim lags to much,any idea how to fix this issue?

Asobo has to fix this as it’s on their end.

Vsync is causing the framerate to be halved when popping out an instrument, and I think that’s a new glitch since a recent patch. Disabling vsync will help with this if you can tolerate the frame tearing. Otherwise we just have to wait for yet another patch.

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Hi all!
I want to try the pop out function but I don’t get the magnificent cursor instead of this my normal mouse cursor change to a hand symbol ( if I press the right Alt key or not) and I cannot pop out the G1000 panel. Any idea why I get this hand cursor instead of the + in a circle?

Use Air Manager 4 (it’s not freeware!) and the g1000 bezel panel and it works well

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I have all of those as well.

Hi people just to say i try dx12 preview and pop-out a32nx panel the fps stay the same around 33/37fps on Paris Orly.

Usually with dx11 i had a big loss when i did that… fps drop from 35 to 15 maybe you can try that

I run 5600x 3080 32gb

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Hello guys
Just to say ok popout works fine with dx12 but in overall i have bad performance now when I fly…

Dx12 is a garbage for now…. Popout in dx11 sucks…
■■■ Asobo :frowning:

I run 5600x rtx3080 32gb
Su8 was awesome smooth 35fps and now… 15fps at the same place Paris Orly a32nx…

I reset my pc w11 clean install :unamused: