Pop up panels/screens

Due to the size of most monitors, it’s really important that the pop up feature for PFDs, FMSs and other panels may be implemented. I fly Aerosoft’s CRJ and the CJ4 and it’s hard to see anything on the PFD if not zooming in to fill the screen with the flight displays.

hold the right ALT key on your keyboard and click the display you want popped out. Dunno if it works on CRJ, but works on default planes. Just wish it would pop out the knobs and buttons too, not just the display.


Right alt + click work perfectly fine on the CRJ. Thanks for the tip, I didn’t even know displays could pop out in default planes.

I only wish the window would somehow remember its previous state so that I don’t have to resize it every time I open it.

Will try now! Thanks for the tip!!!

Please report back if you have any problems. If you pop out two panels, they end up getting stuck together. You can get them un-stuck from each other by clicking the + sign on the windows.

It works! Thank you!

Cool! I am going to close this topic, now that we see you can do that.
Note that there are a couple of “pop out” topics that might be worth a vote.

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