Pop up window depth

Is there a way to move pop up windows (e.g. vfr nav map) closer or farther away?

There is a bug where these windows pop up automatically when switching to VR (when doing a bush run). My default position before recentering puts me several feet above the plane and rotated 90 degrees. This places the windows there and they don’t follow when recentering. I can look way up to find them and bring them lower, but haven’t found a way to bring them any closer.

Also, anyone know if this bug has been reported and tracked?

Yes. Hold mouse click on the window top bar and move your head forwards or backwards while holding, then release click. You can do this more times in succesion. Also, you can rotate them.


Other method: hold mouse click on the window top bar, and scroll mouse wheel to bring the window closer or farther.

Scroll wheel was the first thing I tried (while clicking on the window title bar), but wasn’t able to make it work. Does this need to be bound in control settings maybe?