Pop up window shows every time i change to dev mode

even pop up if i klick “dont show again” AND if i use a higher resolution i cannot hit the buttons

There is another topic here on similar you may wish to check:

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This could be the start of a great new Profit stream in MSFS – In game Advertising

Please – NO !!

But I really do not mind the We’re Hiring ads … even it is does smack a bit as desperation…


Enter full screen (ALT + Enter) and you should be able to close it out.


Yes thanks i can handle it but why does something like this exist and why doesn’t the hook (don’t show this again) work? i need the dev mode only to fix the error with the logbook almost every time i start a new flight. just annoying.

now it takes more time to set up the simulator than to fly it. I love msfs but it’s getting tiring when every patch makes a lot of things worse. especially if you only fly VR like me.