Popout Cockpit Tablet?

Is there a way to popout the cockpit tablet to another screen using the ALT - mouse combo?

Typically no, but which plane specifically?

PMDG’s DC-6. I tried a couple and they don’t seem to work like other instrument panels.

No, I wouldn’t expect PMDG’s to either. The tablet is typically stationary (hidden or insight) within the Virtual Cockpit only.

Hence the question. I don’t typically use them, but many other panels that people popout to other screens - either for enlargement or convenience - seem to make sense, when you want to have the normal instruments in the dash, and have the tablet totally viewable on another screen. Now, there may not be a lot of functions you could use the tablet for inflight because I’m not a real pilot, but now days you see them on most commercial planes. So, they must have some usefulness for certain aspects of a plane/flight management, etc. Maybe some benefit for older planes that don’t have glass cockpits. I’ll let someone else chime in on that.