Popped-Out Panels Should Remember Positions

When popping out instrument panels using Right Alt + Click, their position should be remembered for the next flight/sim restart. This will help those with home cockpits from having to pop out and drag the instrument displays to their other monitors each time.

I currently pop out my PFD and display it on a second monitor maximized. The issue is that I have to do this every single time I start a flight. It would be very nice if there was a way to remember the popout location and size so that when you start a new flight the screen will be popped out and positioned automatically as opposed to have to do it manually every single time.

I have a Diamond DA62 dashboard with G1000 PFD and MFD emulated on two 11.5” touch screen monitors, after the ideas of Russ Barlow and running on Air Manager. All runs fine For X-Plane.

I want to migrate this dashboard to FS2020. Air Manager is FS2020 ready. Migration requires me to make popouts of both G1000 screens and place these within the Air Manager bezels on my 11.5” touch monitors.

In FS2020, With Alt Gr - mouse click on the G1000 PFD or MFD, a popout pops out and can be moved around, even to other monitors. But, alas, these popouts do not persist in the place I wish to have them.
Persistent popouts are a prerequisite for each serious cockpit builder! I am convinced, that many people will be helped with such a provision.

Han Schouten

You did notice that only the displays pop and not the actual instrument pops out like in olden times. So even if your G1000 popped out you still have look down into the cockpit to push buttons.

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Hi, That is the beauty of Air Manager! It wil offer you a host of ready-to-use instruments, a lot of these working alone, most of them freeware. Some, like the G1000 PFD and MFD, require popouts from your flight simulator 3D cockpit. These popouts are then placed in G1000 bezels that run on touch screens and are fully functional Air Manager programs. There exists a device called “Knobster” that makes turning the knobs on such bezels a lot easier!

X-Plane makes popouts persist in the right spot and over sessions. FS2020 doesn’t. Maybe it does, but then nobody has found out how to do it.

All instruments in Air Manager work with X-Plane. Although Air Manager is (nearly) FS2020 ready, it will take some time to port all the instruments and panels to FS2020.

Han Schouten

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It’s great being able to pop out certain gauges from the cockpit but I’m forced to do this manually for each flight, then resize and reposition these on my screen as I see fit. I would like to see the gauges size and location recalled for each plane where I have popped them out, so when starting a new flight in a given plane, I do not have to repeat the process of setting up my on screen gauges for the flight.

Slightly off topic, but it would also be great if mouse click events on those popped out panels didn’t propagate into the 3D cockpit. Right now if you pop out a touch display and click on it, any button/knob you happen to look at in the cockpit will be clicked as well.

Really good idea. Voted.

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It would really be nice if the simulator software would look to see if the RealSimGear units are attached and then put the PFD and MFD on the RealSimGear units.

What you’re really asking for is for it to remember window positions between sessions, which I totally agree with. RSG units are just extra monitors (with G1000 style bezels) into which you drag your popped out instruments. A generic “remember last window positions” option would be amazing.


There is a wishlist topic for this. I just merged your topic into that wishlist topic (here). You and @Crunchmeister71 may want to vote for it.
It’s not just RealSimGear. It’s also Virtual Fly and Aviatek units, plus Air Manager, and any other hardware systems that require pop-outs.

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It got my vote. Thanks for pointing us to that.

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Got my vote too … this feature sure would be helpful for those of us lucky enough to have multiple monitors. I would also like to vote to have the buttons that control the various functions on the window broken out as well. Even though we can see the PFD and NAV for example, we need to go back to the main monitor to click the buttons.

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Hi there

Its great to see that they’re working on multi monitor support. However I think there should also be a possibility to not only save a flight but also save the custom pop out panels positions for the next flight. Furthermore it should also be possible to double the same panel window (for example: Captain and first officer PFD ). That would be really helpful especially for homecockpit builders!


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