Popping out panels KILLS performance still

Has there been an update as to how much performance is lost when popping panels out? I’m on the ground in the CRJ 700, airplane cold and dark, Idling at 45-60 fps. When I pop out the FMC, or any screen for that matter, My frames drop below 30. I’m not a programmer or anything of the sort, so take what I say very lightly, but the screens not even rendering anything at all, so why this sudden 50% drop in FPS? Its just a black screen. Just confused and looking for other opinions or updates on the matter. Do you think this’ll be improved with the July 27th performance upgrade? I sure hope so, as it would make it a lot easier having my VNAV information already In front of me and not having to look back and forth. I have friends with a lot smaller screens, and this feature is pretty much a must for them. I’m lucky I have a pretty good monitor, so its just a minor inconvenience having to look back and forth.

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I think this was generally adressed in multiple topics, e.g.: Undocking ATC with VSync HALVES fps (?)

I think the last news I read was that it should be solved when Multiple screens functionality is adresses. I don‘t think it will be fixed on the 27th, since the development update says 2021-2022. It‘s wish number 2 from the community.

I think I think too much.

Also see Performance Decrease when Using Pop-Out Panels

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