Popup windows kills contrrols..and it sucks

If your cursor is over a pop-up you lose all control over your aircraft.

Given that these are pop-ups that the game mechanic expects you to interact with this is really poor design.

Really wish they would change this.


If you leave them as MSFS windows they don’t have this behaviour, so only switch them to Windows windows if you absolutely need to.

They change their state if minimised and interacted with again.
The visual style changes slightly to indicate this but it has serious usability issues (no colour change to indicate status change for example)

I guess that the state which results in loss of control is related to the lack of proper multi monitor support so maybe this will be changed, given that even if the pop outs are on a different monitor the interactions are still “in game” interactions there should be no loss of flight control when interacting with them.

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I Agree, the popup windows need an overhaul. PFD and MFD popups should be more like x-plane and have functionality and maintain their size position per plane (after restarting a session) , especially for users who cannot easily read the text in the cockpit view.

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Yeah, the whole popup window thing is a mess currently. There are a lot of problems with it atm.

  • Performance - You take a very noticeable fps hit for having windows popped out. The more you use, the more fps that costs you. If you’re talking about a base of 50 fps, that’s not too bad. But if you’re riding just aboe that comfort line in the mid-30s or lower, it’s not a good experience.

  • Cursor on popped out window kills controls - As the OP said. If you have your windows popped out and you happen to move your mouse into those windows, you lose control of all your hardware. Yoke / stick, pedals, other peripherals. Now, I’m sure many would argue that’s not a big deal. Just don’t move your mouse into that window. And that’s a fair point. But where it really affects is when it’s a touch screen system like the GNX (or whatever it’s called) in the VL3, Piper and King Air, or the touch screens in the TBM and Longitude. Tap on one of those that’s popped out and you lose all control of your aircraft. Not a good thing.

  • Persistance of window sizes / positions - As it is now, you have to pop out the windows, resize them as required, and move them to their new monitor. This size and position should be saved so that you don’t have to manually do this every time. Users of outboard equipment like the RealSimGear G1000, GNS530 / 430, etc shouldn’t have to manually move those pop outs every time. Ditto for users using small screens and / or tablets as external touch monitors (such as myself).

  • Performance - Did I mention the performance hit?

As it stands, this is usable, but barely. The whole popout window deal needs a major overhaul for it to be useful.

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I use Duet for Windows on my iPad pro and I tried popping the screens and moving them to my iPad and MSFS just completely froze. Is it because I am moving them to an iPad or is it something in my settings?

If you have HDR enabled in the sim, turn it off. It doesn’t like moving HDR content to a non HDR screen.

It’s greyed out…but it’s “on”
Rather annoying as I don’t think my monitor is HDR capable and I have no method of toggling HDR on in windows in order to toggle HDR off in game.

Anybody know if it’s actually “on” for game processing (and therefore processing cost) in this config?

Any way of forcing this off in game settings?

That totally makes sense! I shall try that and see if it works!

My main monitor is HDR. If I have it enabled, it’s instant CTD when I move popups out to a non-HDR monitor, be it my secondary side monitor, or one of my tablets.

If you’re not crashing when moving popups to another monitor, don’t worry about it.

Thank you so much, @Crunchmeister71 !

I disabled HDR on my main monitor and was able to move the pop outs to my iPad pro! You da man!

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You’re welcome. Glad I could be of assistance.

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