Possible affect of Streaming tv on MSFS smoothness

Like many who want to eliminate cable tv costs, I am considering using streaming tv (youtubetv, hulu, sling, etc) but it concerns me that even with 200 mbps or more of Speedtest-measured performance (PC to best local server) on average that getting any stutter from our carefully tuned VR setups might be affected. We are the simulator group that would notice this affect since we need the scenery to come in as promptly as possible (especially in a turn down low) or we will clearly see it as we fly. I am doing a free trial with youtubetv so I can run it on my simulator PC as well as my HDTV. I am using just 1920x1080 video resolution (not 4K) and using task manager to watch my ethernet performance, I see pulses of usage every 4 to 5 seconds with peaks at 30 to 50 mbps - depending on motion of the channel image - football is maybe the highest. When I measure MSFS in the same way (by itself) with an aircraft flying low over the LA area at maybe 200 knots in a turn, I see a more constant 20-50 mbps typically with my medium settings wrt LOD (150 or so). When I add them together (youtubetv channel plus MSFS), I’m really not sure if I do see any additional stuttering but I wondered if any networking Gurus might be able to comment. I have no idea on the network buffering capabilities of MSFS. I don’t intend to try the 4K UHDTV options as yet but maybe in the future.
(9700K@5Ghz+RTX3080ti+Quest2 - running 36FPS with Motion Reprojection)

I live in the country and only have a 50 mbps download (30 mbps up) speed and have no trouble streaming the sim on the European servers. I also stream NFL games via Gamepass without issue on my connection. I haven’t tried steaming both at the same time though but I guess my point is that I don’t think you need more than 50 mbps speed to stream anything individually. Since you have 200 mbps I’d guess you wouldn’t have a problem steaming both together unless you have several users streaming different TV channels simultaneously while you’re in the sim.