Possible conflicting Flt. Sim profiles

Greetings. In attempting to take off in a C-152, the engine powers up, starts the take-off roll - and then loses power on the roll such that take off airspeed is never attained. I am “assuming” , for the moment, that the problem results from conflicting throttle/mixture inputs from the 6 (six!) profiles I have inadvertently established for my CH Flight Sim USB yoke. How do I get rid of all of the profiles aside from the basic one?

Open the Controls Menu. Under each controller, if you set multiple profiles - there should be left and right arrows. Click on them until the profile you want to remove is in the name field. Then click Open Preset Manager at the bottom of the screen. You should see options to Copy, Rename, Delete etc.

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I’ve had that same question and never really persued figuring it out. Never had an issue but have several old ones that I have wanted to get rid of and now I can!


Hey CasualClick,
It works! Thank you for your recommendation. It’s great to be back in the air again.
Jesse Tepper

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