Possible fix to the performance problems?


At first glance it seems to be better with the low fps/stuttering problems if you do this:

Go to your Flight Sim exe file and right click on it
2.) Select Properties
3.) Go to the compatability tab
4.) Make sure Disable fullscreen optimizations is checked (this seems to be the slow down in that windows is trying to optimize full screen and slowing everything down)

I went from 25FPS which would crawl down to 9FPS to my normal 40-45FPS in Ultra settings.

Not sure if it’s a permanent fix but it’s working at first glance. To think it was something this easy…maybe…

This doesn’t solve the GPU usage drops unfortunately.

I have to do a full out flight but off the bat it seems better…

Try flying from HECA to the Giza Complex POI, I get consistent fps drops once I’m near the river about halfway to the pyramids.

Nevermind…it does work better overall with this “fix” but does not fix the slowing down of fps during certain phases of flight (usually landing at an airport after about an hour of flying for me)