Possible patch workaround(s)

So, as pretty much everybody here, I experienced all the issues with the new patch: A320 engine 1 going dead, random switches going off, complete shutdown mid-flight, etc. However, I noticed some possible workarounds with the A320.

Keeping APU on is gaining a lot of traction but I had countless flights where the flight deck still completely shutdown, EXCEPT of flights where I used Live settings. Flights in which I used weather and time presets all experienced problems, but my flights using the live settings were flyable (AP2 still randomly turned on and screens dimmed a few times).

So, what I can gather, maybe the live weather and time calculations have something to do with the Airliner settings? Like the GPS, clock, fuel calcs based on weather data? It just seemed strange that my weather and time preset flights all failed and the live ones stayed fairly ok.