Possible performance solution (stutter-free)

Hello there,

First of all, I’m not a PC Hardware/ Software expert so bare with me and my explanation.
Please, don’t reply with negative comments before testing yourself, however I’m intressted if some of these solutions worked fore some of you.
What takes my interest is that I see many posts of users with the same or better hardware than me struggling with 10-20 fps gameplay.

Somehow I managed to run MSFS with a steady average of 40 fps in 4K resolution, I have no idea what setting solved the problem but it suddenly works. Just like a miracle.

  1. Switched from HDMI to Display Port. (Important: Make sure its connected to the GPU and not MB! I’ve done that dumb mistake before)

  2. Run the sim at the native resolution of your monitor, in my case 4K and use the render scale to lower it down to 1440p or 1080p if needed.

  3. Use MSFS default graphic presets, in my case I chose “high-end” to start with and play around with the settings from there, one at a time until you are satisfied. This made a huge difference!, the only settings I’ve changed were clouds to ultra and AF to x16.
    Many people just slide all of the settings to ultra and expect a smooth gameplay, not even dual 3090 can handle the pressure.

  4. Not everybody has the option to upgrade their CPU but if you can it’ll make a huge difference, as long I can remember back to fs2004 and FSX, the sims have always been CPU heavy.
    I began my journey in MSFS 2020 with i7 6700k 4.0Ghz.and GTX 1070 TURBO, it runned fine but not really where I wanted it to be, therefore I upgraded to a newer GPU, the 3070.
    Performance got better but not as I expected, it turned out my CPU was bottlenecking the GPU by not keeping up with it. The big change came when I upgraded to a newer i9 10900K and here is where the big change came, now It runs like a dream!

Let me know if this works for you!

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So this roughly describes what I do, and I get mostly good performance but lots of stuttering in the Los Angeles area and smaller, occasional, stuttering in other areas.

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I’m using VR

My trick was to run steam at 100% instead of 150%

Now I’m getting 180 render, 150 terrain

Mostly high settings with the odd low one

Looks 5 times as amazing as before the update this morning

I’m running a locked I7 6700k 4ghz and a zotac amp extreme 980 ti

That’s my next problem, it runs smoothly and looks marvelous in VR but can’t read anything in the cockpit and some flashing reseting the mouse pointer every 5 seconds :pensive:

What VR are you using?

Htc vive

The game ran horrible until I adjusted my steam from 150-100 , now I’ve doubled my settings pretty much

I’m confused.

I thought we were supposed to be using OpenXR API/settings rather than Steam. Supposedly OpenXR performance is much better than Steam.

Upgrading the i5 8400 to i7 10700kf a completely new build few nearly a week ago. Made a big difference for me with the same GPU RTX2060super but not fps wise. Definitely way smoother.
This alone proves to me how important the CPU is in a program like this. No more low fps in Airliners or glass cockpit planes.
Still some lag at big airports in photogrammetry areas but nowhere as bad as the i5 8400 constantly reaching between 80-100%
This CPU sits between 20-30% on average or even below 20%
Only thing I cannot do is run some settings on ultra clouds is heaviest gpu setting on my underpowered gpu.

If you get the following?

  1. Stutters

  2. GPU running at 90%+

  3. CPU running at 30%-

  4. GPU High temperature

  5. If you are running your screen refresh rate higher then 60 fps your CPU and GPU will not be able to keep up.

Watch this video and make these simple adjustments to correct all of the above.

I have done it and I can’t believe the difference.