Possible to create installer once installed?

In case I want to change drives, or redo my PC, is there ware way to use the downloaded files
for a new install? if so, how? it seems like the 94 Mb download is unpacking right away in the download

I would hate to see that you have to download everything again.


Guess there is no ISO download for it either?
I had opened a ticket with Zendesk, and no response so far.

Seems like there is no way to get a physical copy of it, except if you live in Europe.
Would have liked that, instead of just the Digital version, and I would have gotten a manual.

Even the eurpoean DVD version has to download ~20 gigs of data at installation and that will only become worse with every content update we’ll get over the years.

What you can do lighten the load in the future however is to make a backup of the 100 gig data folder named “Official”. The next time you want to install the sim then you first install the program itself, then copy the backup back to where the sim expects it to be, and only then actually start the sim. It should find all the data and only download files that changed instead of the whole package.