Possibly a fix for the CJ4 WT exaggerated ground effect?

Hello folks,

I’ve been modifying the WT CJ4 and I might have found a solution for the exaggerated ground effect. I realized that the thrust required with full flaps and gear down was way too low (<40%), so I tweaked the flap_induced_drag_scalar line in the flight model file and changed the number to 1.9. I’m not sure if it’s just my impression or ground effect has been greatly reduced, actually requiring some back pressure on the yoke to flare. If you guys could test it, I would appreciate it. It seems that the sim has to be restarted for the change to take effect if you’ve done it with the sim open. Also notice that the power required with full flaps on final is now something around 55-60%, which is more what I’ve experienced with most jets I’ve flown IRL. As I’ve never flown the CJ4 IRL, it would be nice to hear some feedback from someone who has.


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Normally, approaches used to be flown around 55% - 60% with the mod.

But they broke something in regards to thrust after 11.0, it produces a lot more power now than it used to. Idle taxi is a nightmare. I’ve done 40kts at idle going uphill with 80% fuel load and people onboard the last time I tried it.

Haven’t touched it since but looks like the issue is still there.

Might want to ask around in the working title discord.

The developer who is also an IRL CJ4 pilot has answered the question on taxi speed.

“ That’s how it should be. Jets often produce enough thrust at idle that theyll start moving when you release the brakes. I’ve actually lessened the effect a bit than real life.”