Post about patch #2 gone from home page? [EDIT: IT'S BACK]

Is it just me? The latest post on the home page is now the one from Sept 10 - on the development update?

Where did the post announcing patch #2 go? I force reloaded and checked on another computer - but that post seems to be gone…


The home page is very odd, and articles seemingly show up as and when they feel like it. I noticed this happening with previous weeks’ dev updates too.

Interesting, Hex. I just thought it was odd, especially with many people having issues downloading the patch.

Fingers crossed for a hotfix…


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UPDATE: Looks like it is now back as of 23:14Z with the new development update…



It’s been that way for as long as I’ve come here. It shows old posts before a refresh (sometimes) causes the new post to shake loose, only to vanish the next time. I could be convinced the backend blog engineers are also writing the installer :wink:


I was just coming to the forums to report this and wondered if I was the only one. I’m the first person to vote for this, though, so if you’ve reported this already or are here to report it, upvote! :slight_smile: