Post patch. FPS has shot up

Was previously getting around mid 20s for what I consider a good (new Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition) machine. Never understood why so low. Now around mid 50. :smiley:

Do you get that in all aircraft, the difference I mean, or just those with glass cockpits?

It’s possible you never made the manual change to the instruments file, that alters how often the instrumentation refreshes, and you are now enjoying the benefits of that change that Asobo implemented.

It could also just be a better all round patch, on a performance front. :slight_smile:

Got the low FPS in glass and steam cockpits. But haven’t yet tried the Cessna 152. Will check it out.

Before the patch, I could eek out another 5fps or so, by reducing the refresh rate of the glass cockpits, using a workaround another forum member came up with.

The patch defaults the glass cockpit screens to medium refresh rate so that’s might be helping though I tried switching between medium and high and couldn’t get any change in frame rate though I was getting 56FPS in that situation anyway, so I’ll leave it on high and see how it goes as I prefer the smoother display.

Can’t really see the diff between medium and high. Impact is just 2-3fps on high.

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