Post Sim Update 3: G1000 Stock will not Pick Up RNAV Guidance

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All mods removed.

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Developer mode not active.

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Post Sim Update 3, RNAV Guidance is not working. In APR mode, the slope marker remains pinned at the bottom of the scale even passing through the FAF under the published crossing altitude (verified through Little Nav Map). I have to dive to pick up the slope and it only starts responding approximately 45 seconds to runway threshold at typical landing speeds.

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Will update this thread with screenshots.

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Tested at:

KBID to KOQU via RNAV RWY 34 - Passing IAF COSAX below crossing alt 2100 AGL (2000’ AGL in a descent), Passing FAF CONEZ below published crossing alt 1500 AGL (actual AGL was 1000 level), RNAV not detected.

KBID to KUUU IFR RNAV RWY 16. Passing PVD as IAF below published crossing alt 3000 AGL (2500’ AGL in a descent. Passing FAF FEKWU below published crossing alt 1800’ AGL (1000’ AGL level), RNAV not detected.

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Ryzen 5 2600, RX 580 8GB, 16GB RAM, Steam Version

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Screenshot showing KOQU Guidance not picked up despite being below published crossing altitude at FAF.

This did not work before, and still has not been improved…

I thought that Sim Update 3 promised a Garmin update…

All I have seen, is that the WT mods have been picked up.

The glideslopes are ridiculously low now. Guidance is getting picked up at 500’ AGL at 1.6NM to runway center. Insane.