Post-SU6 Update - Flight "blue progress bar" loads to 100% but flight won't start

yes deleted the cache, content.xml, and scenary indexes right after i uninstalled REX.

Removing REX did nothing for me nor do many above even have it.

Sadly we seem on our own as there’s 0 mention of this on the Known Issue page so seems we are being activly ignored by them as isn’t like haven’t submitted a ton of tickets collectively

I wish all the confusing information about this issue wouldn’t be scattered across 5 different threads, sigh.

Hi guys, I’m investigating my own case of this and the other reports for weeks now and it’s moving out a different piece of add-on and turning a different option off and back on for all of us. The problem comes up when trying to spawn at a different airport of a different maker (doesn’t even have to be 3rd-party) in a different region for all of us, and that alone indicates that usually none of those airports and things are the actual culprit.

You just shift around random little unrelated things in memory and that makes all the difference, it either improves or deteriorates the situation, so trying to identify “the culprit” turns out to be an endless series of red herrings because it doesn’t matter what you add or remove, it’s the plain adding and removing making all the difference and that’s also why so strange things like liveries and textures have an influence on this.

I have confirmed that some of the really weird workarounds floating around relieve the problem, usually temporarily, which is another indication that the add-ons are not the cause of this issue:

  • Deleting Content.XML worked once until the next sim restart

  • Turning off Online Functionality and back on after loading works, I noticed that it’s already sufficient to turn off multiplayer, but not always.

  • Turning down graphics detail level from Ultra to something lower, for me I boiled this down to just setting the new “Off-screen terrain precaching” doodah one notch down, which many of us have happily set to “ultra” after it came in WU6. This permanently fixes the problem at my one airport triggering this issue, but I can then trigger the problem again by simply installing some recent small freeware airstrip 300 km to the south of the affected airport, and then and a formerly 100% unaffected airport in the same general area starts showing the same behavior.

In other words, the overall number and possibly location of Community folder contents and and payware airports seems to aggravate the problem, which is another red herring that seems to point at add-ons in general. But this all used to work before SU6, I personally have very few add-ons (4 paid airports and GAIST and WeLoveVFR in the Community folder) and since I log any changes to my dedicated FS system I can say with some certainty that nothing was changed except installing SU6.

This kind of issue is a nightmare to understand, to troubleshoot and extremely hard to reproduce due to the randomness, which in turn can make it very hard to fix. That’s why it might not be likely that we get this fixed anytime soon but if all of you guys don’t file a Zendesk bug report about it, we may have to live with this forever because Asobo may not even be aware that they messed this up.

i’ve got a standard reponse back after i filed a report. Like i said before finger pointing to 3rd parties providers:

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist further with content not developed by Asobo Studio. If the steps above did not solve the issue, please contact the developer to report this issue and request further assistance directly.

Third-party developers are responsible for their own content, including:

Question about the content/feature
Issues with the content (missing feature, bug, feedback, etc...)
Compatibility issues between the content and the base game on PC and Xbox Series X|S*
Wishlist item

Yeah this is to be expected. I got only a reception confirmation for my report so far, but this is certainly just the type of issue (because it’s so complex and hard to understand) that gets bounced by the first support levels as soon as you mention anything 3rd-party. :frowning: That’s why it’s important that people who get this behavior with a fresh install file a report too.

However, I think without even trying to make our voices heard up there it’s our fault if this gets wiped under the carpet by accident. If my theory* about this bug (race condition) is right though (and I really hope it isn’t), this could very well intensify much if they build more stuff on top of this bug tho (there’s lots of new in-game content in the pipeline) and the consecutive update disaster may be ugly again, there will be tears etc. but they’ll have to do something about it then.

*Edit: Another theory could be that something with DRM, something with timing or something timing-critical with DRM/authorization is going wrong, hence the dependency on being online or not.

im having this issue after troubleshooting the last 2 days i figured out it has something to do with online functionality , if i disable that and set my graphics to low . it will load in just fine but the moment i turn on online functionality it freezes … this is definitely an Asobo issue

EDIT: narrowed it down even further its 100% photogrammetry , if you have it enabled it will freeze your sim

Looks like this issue is resolved in SU7. I am not getting any more of the loading hang issue. I believe i read somewhere in SU7 release note that this issue is fixed. Is anyone still getting this?
I also came to the conclusion that the MSFS support people who first read the report are not across all reported known defect and their planned resolution as I was told by them (when I first reported this issue) that this is a third party provider issue not theirs.
I hope everyone is back to having a better experience post SU7 with this issue out of the way.