Post Update Afternoon Flight from Valencia to Palma de Mallorca

After loosing one day with the UK update, I yesterday took an afternoon flight in my trusty TBM 930. As always, I did my flight in VR (Reverb G2). With so many negative comments on the forum I was a bit afraid of my favorite plane’s behavior. Here are my findings from this flight:

  • the G3000 PFD now has a working radar altimeter

  • the NAV display shows more info, in particular Nav Aids

  • audible MM and IM on approach to Palma (not sure if this is due to payware airport or UK update)

  • a small but amazing detail: en route, I had the setting sun behind me. At some point, the sunlight reflected off the right side touchpad, and suddenly I could see fingerprints in the upper left corner of that screen! These smears did not reduce readability of the screen. It just amazed me that somone at Asobo had thought to include such a small (but true to life) detail in the sim! Much appreciated! In German we call this “Detailverliebtheit” - being in love with the details…

  • Landing: yes, there is ground effect now. Imo, it makes landing slightly more challenging and a bit more realistic. It now makes even more sense to stay within the plane’s envelope and to be fully stabilized on final. I did not experience endless floating over the runway or problems with flaps. If anything, the ground effect helped to perform a very smooth landing.

I’m already looking forward to my next flight tonite. Probably Palma to Ibiza…
And I look forward to what is yet to come for this amazing simulator!

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