Post-Update Problems and Other Things: Developers want to Hear from Us

I’m surely going to get roasted for this, but who cares:

Please direct your concerns/complaints/wishes or questions to the development team instead of slamming them here on the forums. It’s not productive. Particularly with the latest glitches following the last two updates.

Everyone knows there are problems, and fixes will be here when they’re ready. There is no conspiracy. There is no master plan to make our lives miserable. In fact, I believe the opposite is true.

Clogging the forums with repetitive, negative and conspiracy-laden posts regarding the latest update(s) aren’t helping anymore.

Jorg mentioned that for all the complaining on here, he only gets a handful of emails, so email the bosses. They want our feedback.


its also not productive to inundate bosses with emails which detracts them from managing, given by logical extension of the statement “Jorg mentioned that for all the complaining on here” they know where to look on the forum.


No roasting but a polite and friendly suggestion to protect your happiness and mental health: Don’t live in the forum, go and fly and enjoy the sim if you regard posts you don’t like as being repetitive, negative and conspiracy-laden and have an uncontrollable urge to read all posts made by thousands of other forum users.


Welcome back, not seen you here for a long time. Hope all is ok with you.


Thank you. I am completely healthy, having a stuttering fest and enormous enjoyment.


Or there is also that zendesk thing…


It’s about everything guys.

There’s a lot of stuff in the forums that don’t get the developers attention. There’s also an awful lot of complaining about the lack of transparency and interaction with the developers too. Even though that’s not true- it’s a perception nonetheless.

So, if they want to hear from us, and people want to be heard, what’s the problem? I think it’s a great idea and appreciate what they’re doing.

Sure there will be the occasional idiot who hits the send key, but for the most part, they want our constructive feedback.

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Thanks for that advice. I don’t get too involved with the drama in here. I posted this mainly for those who are blowing up on here or being misdirected by a lot of know-it-all users or trolls.

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Squeaky wheels get grease though.

Not if the only place they’re squeaking is in random threads on this forum. Fill out a zen report, or make a thread in the bug forum, or vote on one if your problem already exists. That is how you squeak properly. Jumping from thread to thread saying the same thing over and over again does nothing.

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Thats why there is a push toward using other means to increase awareness to this and ongoiung issues. Thanks for reminding us to use those.

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