Post your DX12 with Studio Driver Results Here

MainThread increases with time. Does everyone have it?

yes unfortunately

@LinenOrc9251924 - Honestly, I’ve never seen MSFS use all that much RAM. My old PC had 32 GB and it was never close to 100% used. I just performed a quick VR flight using the SWS Kodaik through London at 1,000 FT, using preset time of 11 AM GMT and preset weather of scattered clouds. FPS were 35 - 45. FPS were 35 through the very center of London; 42 - 44 most every where else.

Max RAM = 21.3GB
Max VRAM = 15.8GB

i9-12900k, RTX 3090 with Studio Driver 517.40, 64GB DDR5, 1TB M.2 NVMe, Win11, HP G2
DLSS Quality, OXR 100, OXR Preview = On, OXR MR = Disabled, OXR TK FFR preset = Quality, OXR TK prediction dampening = 60%

3070, 10700k Triple Monitor 1080/2K/1080, Custom settings, TAA, DX12, TLOD=250, OLOD=200. With the new studio drivers I get a 10% FPS bonus on the ground, No extra FPS at elevation. memory utilization goes from 4.4GB (old driver) at 2,000 AGL to 6.1GB out of 7GB usable. So, the driver definitely utilizes more memory, but helps where I needed the FPS the most, on the ground at complex airports (where FPS would drop into the 20’s). (Note Always GPU constrained)

@LinenOrc9251924 - One more test. This time from Orbx’s YBBN Bribane International through Orbx’s Brisbane City Pack using the GotFriend’s Edgly Optica. This combo of 3rd party scenery crippled my old PC. Now I see why!. It really eats up VRAM.

RAM = 30.5GB
VRAM = 23.8GB

i9-12900k, RTX 3090 with Studio Driver 517.40, 64GB DDR5, 1TB M.2 NVMe, Win11, HP G2
DLSS Quality, OXR 100, OXR Preview = On, OXR MR = Disabled, OXR TK FFR preset = Quality, OXR TK prediction dampening = 60%, TLOD = 300, TexRes = Ultra

Excellent to know this, thanks for the copius detail. I will hold off on adding more RAM for the time-being. I’m going to try those OXR settings for sure

wow, on the VRAM side just wow, the nVidia card only has 24G and Im sure there is overhead so usable is probably quite lower than that. It’s too bad the 4090 will only have 24G ram too. I guess they are not listening to the Flight Sim Community.

After some further flights it is a mixed bag with my 3070 / i5 10600k. Initially, it seems to give me more fps and a smoother experience. However, from time to time, the fps drop and it does suddenly stutter enormously due to the Vram being overused, even on cruise level. I had a 5 seconds stutter almost giving me a heart attack thinking it was ctd’ing (which it did not, it continued).

For now, back to DX11, which seems a bit more stable experience, albeit less smooth.

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My system is a Ryzen 7 5800X3D and RTX 3080. My performance in SU10 with DX11 is fantastic, higher FPS than I’ve ever had before in the game. In DX12, it runs terribly. I have used the most recent driver and the driver previous to it. Have not tried studio driver yet, will try it soon.

I posted this message in the SU10 general discussion forum but I think it is more appropriate in this topic here.

I have RTX 3080 running the latest GRD 516.94. After SU10 installed I tried DX12 with both the Fenix A320 and the PMDG 737. In both planes I noticed that my performance are now (with DX12) GPU limited where it was CPU limited with DX11 (this confirms @Crunchmeister71 explanations on the topic).

The overall performance is the same with DX11 or DX12 however the important advantage I have observed of DX12 is the impact of popouts windows. With 4/5 displays popedout I lost only 5 FPS with DX12 compared to at least 15 FPS with DX11 (it was also the case with SU9).

I have also noticed that each additional monitor window costs around 5 FPS.

For the purpose of testing DX12 I did short flights (15-20 minutes). Everything was fine. However this doesn’t rule out issues that have been reported about the loss of FPS as the flight last. Any one has observed this?

Thankyou for sharing any feedback as to the impact of DX12 on the performance in the case of popouts displays and additional windows specifically.

The question for me is now whether it is worth trying the new studio driver or just wait for the coming GRD.


I have a very simliar system with 5800X and 3080TI and get the same results. Studio driver does not change that. Wait for the new game ready driver, which should be available an Tuesday.
Problem seams to be the VRAM usage. My 12GB gets overused what leads to stutters when “swapping” into RAM and I would have to dial down settings to lower VRAM usage. That is not what I want.

The VRAM usage problem is due to DX12 explicit memory management, and has been like this for a long time. This won’t be fixed with the upcoming game ready driver, as it will need to be addressed by Asobo on the development side. Using DX12 with everything maxed requires a 3090 due to the high VRAM usage, there’s no way to get around this except lowering settings.

Honestly, some of this on Nvidia for introducing a “flagship” 3080 with only 10 GB of VRAM, forcing you to a significantly more expensive 3090 for more VRAM. Some observant users might point out the AMD 6900XT has 16 GB of VRAM, but this is slower GDDR6 with a lower memory bus width. Slower VRAM requires a larger VRAM capacity for comparable performance, and not really directly comparable.

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Tuesday is going to be a joy. The GRD is going to drop and these folks are going to install it and expect 1million FPS only to find that its the same as the studio driver. And if they’re not using the studio driver theres a good chance it could be worse.

Think I’ll open a popcorn stand for the event ;p


Thx for the clarification! I did not know that memory management will stay like it is in DX12. Yesterday I tried lowering settings for my 12 GB 3080TI but could not really free it up. I used the Fenix on a third party airport with AIG traffic in VR. That sounds like DX12 will not work for me. DX11 does really well in SU10 with quite high settings.

In my experience, Fenix is the heaviest on VRAM consumption. There’s a few settings you can try to reduce VRAM usage, like lowering texture quality a notch and terrain LOD. However, if DX11 gives you good performance, I would just stay with DX11 rather than reducing visual quality to get DX12 working. DX11 memory management is largely handled by the API, so running over VRAM isn’t really an issue.

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Should you uninstall the studio driver once the new game driver is available?

Of course, studio driver doesn’t help at all with SU10

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Why doesn’t it? For me at least it gave me smoother fps in DX12.

Is GRD really supposed to be that different? Where’s the proof of it?

I mean, I do welcome the idea that it could be better, but just don’t seem like it. Seems like it will be the same as studio driver.


I would wait before installing the GRD, see what happens when ‘other’ people install it. If it sounds like nothing has changed, then there no point uninstalling the studio driver unless you want to roll back to an older driver.

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Because the studio driver doesn’t bring any optimisations like people think, because Asobo has turned off the memory optimisation management until Nvidia releases the GRD, because studio drivers are not for gaming