Post Your Feature Requests

I know there a few threads out there already. Maybe keep them short and sweet, a sentence or 2, and not huge paragraphs. :wink:

A couple I’ve seen mentioned.

  1. Get to the flight plan, to update, change or create a new one, without having to go out to the main menu
  2. An option in settings to remove the text overlays when using the virtual cockpit buttons/knobs/switches etc.
  3. Why does the weather options only show Altimeter in Millibars, and all the airplanes only have inches setting, do we have to do the conversion ourselves?
  4. Aircraft Interior and external save views expanded, to cover PAX, nose, wing view etc. (There is a hack, but built into sim would be better)

Hey @Haggis1675 - There is already an area for members to make feature requests an then have others upvote their support.

Use the #self-service:wishlist subcategory to let us know what features you want to be added or improved. Start by searching the category to see if someone has started a topic about your idea. If they have, open the topic and click the vote button to show your support for their idea. If your idea is brand new, then create a topic explaining the feature, include the what and why.

You can view the most wished-for ideas here. Thank you.

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yeah, i had seen that just after, thanks !

Proper pop ups of the GPS and autopilot panels. Pop ups need to include bezels with buttons as knobs so they can be dragged over to a second monitor.