Post your FS setup pics!

Hello all, another post listing specs inspired me to start this one. As the title suggests, post pictures of your setup. Our setups play a big role in how we interact with the sim and the overall experience. So come one come all and share yours.

Please no negativity or criticism. Looking forward to all your posts.

Happy simming.

Here is mine … as is usually the case its an ever evolving project.


What that breadboard about?

Haha, good eye! I’ve got 5 rotary encoders on it. Haven’t used it with MSFS much, since mapping still needs work, but, I used it with X Plane for transponder, baro altimeter, ND range and ND mode stuff. Cheers.

Ahhh nice, yeah I will start building them over time. Any specific stuff you use for pedals?

There you go! My dark corner :slight_smile:





Great setup! What have you got displaying on the right monitor? Navigraph?

■■■■ son. Boeing called, they want their plane back.


I’ve been flying in surround mode for many years. Unfortunately impossible to fly in MSFS. Performance hit is enormous, fps drops almost by 50-70%. I have 40-50 fps flying PMDGs in P3D in surround. I really hope I will see the day when I can fly same setup in MSFS

Yep, that is Navigraph Charts App.

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That is a really nice setup. What size screens are those?

Dell 24inch, 1920x1200 resolution. So a tad taller than usual HD monitors

IMG_5927 (Custom)


Got the college high rise vibes, just rebuilt my pc and got some ultra wide monitors, 10700k 2070super and 64gb 3600mhz ram.


How did you put PFD/ND on the tablet?

It’s not a tablet, it’s a small hdmi monitor.

In MSFS right alt / click the panel to pop it out, then move to the other monitor.

Ok great. I will take a look

I picked up a Cessna 150 cockpit from a salvage yard.

2 - 4K 65" for the side windows
1 - 4k 55" for the front window
2 - 20" monitors for the panel