Postcard from Switzerland

Morning departure from Geneva. Flying over the airfields of Saanen and Interlaken. Short turn down the valley to my favourite place on the planet Lauterbrunnen, then over Grindlewald.

Then I had to stop because my Pro Flight joystick is stuck off-centre!



Wow! Amazing! :smiley:

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Nice shots, but the textures witch covered the beautiful swiss mountains with snow in the middle of the summertime are terrible.

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this trouble everywhere, i think best way it’s create same logic as for other surface, just when temps get lower than 0 let it snow, other way summer textures

Uhm… just to say, but there are mountains in Switzerland that have snow for the entire year! I am not saying that the above location is one of those, but that’s not an unusual sight in Switzerland :wink:

Yes there are Mountain topped with snow when i look out of my windows at home. But not in the middle of the summer on 1600 ft… :see_no_evil:

Well, possibly so :wink: